Murdo Girl…Flawlessness is flawed

The object of rejection is very sad indeed.

To be loved and well respected is a very human need.

The object often cannot see what stares them in the face.

With a recent introspect, I found that to be the case.

Was it something that I said, or something I had done?

I had no recollection of offending anyone.

I began to listen as I voiced my own obsessions.

Were the comments I called feedback really passive aggressions?

Things I disliked in others became infused in my demeanor.

I focused on your flaws and mine became much keener.

I came to the conclusion I had always been just fine.

Until my focus turned to you…

It’s all your fault, not mine.

I guess the only answer is to keep talking till I drop.

If you say that you’re not listening, I’ll tell your voice to stop.

I’ll remind you often that I know of what I speak.

You’ll become much wiser if it’s my council that you seek.

What did you just say? I should stay out of your dealings?

Now you’ve really done it. You’ve gone and hurt my feelings.

And now for the song of the day…

Has she hit the road, Yet?
That’s Hiway 16. She must be headed for Murdo