Murdo Girl…Murdo Makeover, Part 3

I wanted to get this post on this morning because of the message included in the video. I had envisioned completing it with the song (one of my favorites) sung by Emmy Lou Harris. The song was to to be background music for a lengthy slideshow. The slides were to include pictures of my reign over the years. Lav and many of you would have been included. Sadly, I didn’t have the time. Though I know you must be disappointed, I am just one Queen and can only do what I can do in a day’s time. I know you will understand. Use your imagination. You have seen all of the photos in the news or on the blog more than once.

Chara, April and a few others should be added to the birthday girl list…

She was once an ordinary Girl
Sheila Hurst does beautiful work. I love this card. It reminds me of the photo above when I was just an ordinary girl with ordinary hair!