Murdo Girl…An evening in Deadwood and the REUNION

My brother, Billy, Cousin Lav (Valerie), Gus, and I spent an amazing couple of days in Murdo, South Dakota. I’m sure glad I went to school there because no one hosts an all school reunion like Murdo does.

First, I have to tell you about the fabulous dinner that my cousin Blake and his wife Melanie hosted at their Martin & Mason Hotel in Deadwood, SD. Attending, were Blake and Melanie, my cousin Sue Hayes and her husband, Ray, (Ray and Sue are great and I don’t get to see enough of them.) Blake and Melanie are all kinds of special and treated us like royalty. My son, Mason from Gillette, WY made the drive to spend some time with us. He especially enjoyed his visit with his Grandpa Gus. Here are some photos of the Hotel and the dinner which was held in the ballroom.

Blake and Mason in back, Valerie, Gus, Me, and Billy
From left…Billy, Valerie, Me, Ray and cousin Sue Hayes, Blake, Mason, and Gus
The Beautiful Martin and Mason Hotel in Deadwood, South Dakota…Owned by our cousin Blake Haverberg and his wife, Melanie…Thanks so much for a wonderful stay.

The 2022 Murdo High School and Jones County High School 2022 All School Reunion

Should have said they even had horses there. Too late to change the slide. You’ll get it when you get there…

More photos of our trip to Murdo…

The class of 1962 gathering…Obie Brunskill and Billy Francis. I’m not sure of the names of the two ladies, but I believe the lady seated to Billy’s left is Obie’s wife.
Unit number 1 of The Range Country Lodging Motel owned by Greg and Carma Miller.
It began as the Chalet Motel years ago and was owned by my parents.
Range Country Lodging…photo by Lav…beautiful rooms and a comfy lobby where you can enjoy meeting with friends and breakfast in the morning.
We also spent some time at the LandMark Country Inn owned by our cousin, Mark Sanderson. It is a beautiful place and has all of the amenities.

Below are three photos taken inside the Long Barn which is the home of our cousin, Andrea Sheehan’s incredible doll collection. These photos don’t come close to doing it justice. It is truly the best display imaginable…

Thank you Murdo and thanks to all who made the 2022 Murdo All School Reunion pretty perfect. I wish I had more pictures of all the people I so enjoyed seeing and visiting with.

2 thoughts on “Murdo Girl…An evening in Deadwood and the REUNION

  1. sanjuan831 July 19, 2022 / 7:27 pm

    This is all true. I am an expert witness in
    case you doubt MG because I was there. The crowds lined the streets to see MG and pick up candy Judy and I threw to the throngs. I wanted to keep the Jag but it was owned by the driver.
    Wish We could do it all again! So fun!
    Thank you dear Murdoites.


    • Mary Francis McNinch July 19, 2022 / 8:34 pm

      I had the BEST time with you dear friend and cousin. You are a very special person. Love you lots!!


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