Those 70ish girls…MG and Kip hit the road

MG’s travel blog…

We finally got started on our long awaited RV trip. Our house was cleaned-out and clean, the huge garage sale we’d been preparing to have for weeks was behind us, the landscaping was complete and the RV  packed and ready to go.

We left around noon on Friday and drove 165 miles to Texarkana, TX where we spent 3 nights. We found a very nice RV Park called Texarkana RV. (We like to keep things simple.) We needed a little time to learn all the nuances of our newer RV. We sold the 20 year old Alpha, which had been our home away from home for 7 years, and bought a 2017 Thor Outlaw patio RV. So far, we are loving it!

Kip and his 2 sidekicks, Rylie and Nellie
Kip and I relaxing on the Patio

We left Texarkana Monday morning and drove to The Mississipi River State Park, near Marianna, Arkansas. Let’s just say I could have spent a month there. It was serene, beautiful, and the weather was absolutely gorgeous. The following pictures and the 12 second video were all taken there.

Nellie on the patio looking for squirrels
Space #11 is on a peninsula. There is a lot of room between spaces
This morning before all of the fog lifted

We’ve really been enjoying the patio and it only takes 5 minutes to drop down the back and fold out the screens.

kay, things aren’t quite bug free, yet. We thought we were “what’s next” organized, but we’re slow learners. We thought we were moving right along this morning. The black water and gray water were dumped, dogs walked, patio up, slides in, the Jeep we tow hooked up, electricity off…and then, something occurred to me. I hadn’t showered and I was still in my flannel pjs. I said, “Uh oh, Kip, I’m going to have to wear my pajamas all day because my clothes are in the closet you can’t get into when the slides are in, and the electricity and water heater are off. I’ve been so busy checking things off the list, I didn’t think about myself. (Good time to throw that in right?)

So an hour later, we were on our way. All we had to do was figure out where we were going!