Those 70ish girls…Miles to go before we sleep road trip

We left the land of beauty on Wednesday morning. I would highly recommend the Mississippi River State Park in Arkansas as a great place for a getaway vacation. There is no internet or cell phone service, but believe me. You won’t miss it.

Space #11 on a peninsula

We drove to Union City, Tennessee and spent the night at a place called Coyote View RV park. Kip parked the RV in front of the office and went in to see if the had a pull through space for the night. When he came back out, he started the RV up and proceeded to put the jacks down. I asked him what he was doing, we weren’t even at our spot, yet. He told me that this place right in front of the office was our spot. It really wasn’t that bad, but we did break our rule of staying at least 2 nights wherever we stop.

Parked in front of the office. We had water, electric and sewer hook-ups, and we were very close to the ice machine.
The Union City water tower. It’s a nice addition to my collection.
Kip and his sidekick, Nellie

We left early the next morning and on our way to Mt Vernon, IL, we stopped to see some Native American mounds at the Wickliffe Mounds State Historic Site in Kentucky. It is the archeological site of a prehistoric Native American village of the Mississippian mound builders. It was occupied from about AD 1200 to 1350.

Native Americans had no beasts of burden or excavation machinery. Soil, clay, or stones were carried in baskets on the backs of laborers to the top or flanks of the mound and then dumped.

Some mounds of this period were built to bury important members of local tribal groups. These burial mounds were rounded, dome-shaped structures that generally range from about 3 to 18 feet high, with diameters from 50 to 100 feet. Distinctive artifacts were sometimes buried with the deceased. The villages were built around the mounds.

There was a large display of gourds, pottery, woven baskets and sashes inside the museum. It was really interesting to see and learn about these finds from so long ago.

They didn’t allow picture taking inside the museum where all the artifacts were displayed.

We are now in Mt Vernon, IL. Tomorrow we are headed to Springfield, IL where we will visit the home of Abraham Lincoln.

Crossing the Ohio River
Side Note: It’s farmers, ranchers, and truckers that keep our country going…God bless them all…

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  1. Valerie Halla October 8, 2022 / 10:18 pm

    You two are seeing such great places and learning a lot.
    Interesting camp site by the office. They probably knew you were VIP’s.


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