Those 70ish girls…The trip continues

After spending several days in Springfield. Illinois, where we visited the home of Abraham Lincoln, we drove on to Rockville, Indiana.

While we were in Springfield, our little kitty, Dollie, got sick. After she spent 2 days in an emergency animal hospital and 2 more days with us, we had to make the decision to let her go to animal heaven.

Dollie had a good life. She was 15 years old and we loved her dearly. She went to sleep peacefully. I looked into her eyes before she left us and had the feeling that Dollie had an old soul. My cousin, Paul said he didn’t know about humans, but he felt that pets were reincarnated and came back again to give another family joy.

Our feisty little Dollie

The next day we drove on to Rockville, Indiana where we met Molly and Cary Cline. They are 2 of Kip’s college friends. Kip had not seen them in years until we bought our first RV (SeeYa), and stopped to see them when we passed through Indiana. Reuniting with old friends is another benefit of traveling in an RV. Molly and Cary have since retired and bought an RV, themselves. They spend a few months each year, during the winter, in Rockport, TX and we have gone to see them for several days, twice.

Rockville, Indiana is having their annual Covered Bridge Festival now and we are enjoying all of the festivities. While driving here, Kip said he thought he would see at least one covered bridge. After spending a couple of days here, we still had not seen one. In fact, a guy at the Parke County Fair Grounds, where hundreds of people in RVs are parked, a guy stopped us while we were walking the dogs and asked Kip if he could direct him to a covered bridge. Kip told him we had been looking for two days and had still not seen one. He didn’t tell him the only scenic place we had gone to was Walmart. Molly told him to get a map that showed where all of the covered bridges are or be patient until she got here. He wasn’t able to do either, but they got here last night so he has new hope.

Some of the following pictures were taken on the way to Rockville or on the road to the Walmart in Clinton which is about 10 miles from Rockville.

My Jeep ducks. It’s the new thing for Jeep owners is to secretly put a duck on the door handle of other Jeeps.
The Rockville fair
Delicious ham and beans at the fait. I didn’t take a picture of the cornbread.
Kip and Cary deciding what they are getting to eat. Everyone had something different and it was all great!
At the fair in Rockport. We’re going to Bridgeton, a neighboring town, today to a huge fair.
Love this t-shirt with the water tower but they didn’t have my size.
Forgot to show you Lincoln’s home, now.
Lincoln’s home when he lived there. One of their children died during his presidency. Three out of their four boys died. Their ages were 4, 12, and 17. How devastated they must have been.

I’ll take a picture of the first covered bridge we see. We can also watch The Bridges of Madison County. I think they have covered bridges in the movie.

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  1. Valerie Halla October 17, 2022 / 4:58 pm

    So where’s the tshirt? And where’s Lincoln’s home?
    Are you being honest like Abe?


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