Those 70ish girls…It’s all just food under the bridge

Kip and I spent the last three days having a huge amount of fun with two of Kip’s old college buddies. The three of them went to The University of Wyoming, together. Two out of the three are, let me just say, uh… different. Is different a bad word? It’s the best I can come up with to describe those two. I didn’t know Kip was quite so, uh…different until I witnessed him with Cary. It wasn’t an anomaly, either. I’ve witnessed the two of them together several times and it’s always the same, right Molly? Molly is Cary’s wife.

As you know, Kip has been underwhelmed with the Covered Bridge Festival in Rockville, Indiana. Oh, he managed to choke down some breaded pork loin with all the trimmings, a huge frosted sourdough cinnamon roll, a breakfast fit for a couple of kings, and a few bites of Molly’s persimmon pudding.

Persimmon pudding…yummy
A light snack before dinner
Guess who the 2 different ones are.

The thing Kip was missing was the covered bridge that the Covered Bridge Festival was celebrating. Someone told him there are 32 of them. So, just to shut him up, I mean put his misgivings to rest, we took one of the maps available all over Rockville and surrounding communities, and went on a hunt for covered bridges. Cary drove, and Kip rode shotgun. Kip read the map…sort of. Molly and I sat in the backseat and alternated between rolling our eyes and trying to stifle laughter. (We were laughing at them. Not with them.)

“The Bridge is there not here,” said Cary.” “Bridges cover creeks not cornfields,” said Kip. Seriously, we drove by the same house 3 times. The first time there was a guy out front walking his dog. Cary wanted to stop and ask him to direct us to a covered bridge. The next 2 times we drove by the drapes were pulled shut and we noticed there was a for sale sign out front that hadn’t been there before.

I think I see a bridge behind those trees
Is there a creek?
Guess which ones are different
It’s got to be here somewhere.
It can’t be. There aren’t any creeks or cornfields. Could it be the bridges are on roads?
Yup! It says right here…road closed.
Great pic of Molly and Cary. The different one is on the left.
You know these two. The different one is on the left.
Finally! Someone who is not uh, different has the map.

After a couple of hours listening to this repeated conversation and driving up and down the same road several times, Molly grabbed the map, and I googled, covered bridges near me. Within 30 minutes we had seen three bridges so we headed back to Rockville. We stopped for some ice cream at Dairy Queen on the way to the Parke County Fair Grounds where we had out RVs parked. We’d had a huge brunch, but we had to get back so Molly could make us all delicious taco salads.

“You walk over there, I’m sort of over it,” said Cary ” “We are too,” said Molly and MG. “Let’s go eat, ” said Kip.

Kip is happy…

Next: Never tell friends you’re having Amazon packages shipped to their house in advance of your arrival. One couple left and went to visit 5 European countries. They said they would be gone for over a month.

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  1. sanjuan831 October 20, 2022 / 4:05 pm

    This is a blast to read and experience! Glad You’re having a sorta different vacation.


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