Those 70ish girls…Traveling truths

Here’s the unvarnished truth about life on the road. Sometimes it’s hot and sometimes it’s cold.

Tres Natchez Parkway in Tennessee

Some days the sun shines and some days it rains. If the wind doesn’t blow, no one complains.

Each morning we rise and go walk the dogs. We love to build campfires, but have to buy logs.

Charleston, West Virginia

We drive our big rig from Walmart to Walmart. We feel right at home and load up our cart.

We find places to eat without even looking. Anything is better than Mary’s cooking.

Hendersonville, North Carolina. We tried to have Amazon delivered there, but no one was home.
Kip’s favorite bear claws can be found at a bakery in the fun downtown area in Hendersonville NC
Our favorite breakfast place in Hendersonville, NC
I don’t remember where this was, but they have good pizza
We were at The Pit Stop with friends. We all went to the Covered Bridge Festival in Rockville, Indiana
Delphi, Indiana

We raise our eyebrows at the high price of gas, but an electric bill is a thing of the past.

One of  our pleasures is now long gone. Its not possible to order from Amazon.

We don’t really have a permanent address and tomorrow’s location is anyone’s guess.

I bought delicious Pink Lady apples at this orchard in North Carolina

We don’t have grass that grows under our feet. We don’t have to mow or pile leaves in a heap.

We visit old friends and make new ones, too. They always make sure we have fun thing to do.

Molly and Cary Cline live in Lafayette, Indiana. They attended college at the University of Wyoming with Kip
Visiting Fran and Merrill Spahlinger in Lake Milton, Ohio.

Rick Spahlinger and wife, Rita, helped make the day so special.

The highways and byways make us ooh and ahh. We can’t believe all the beauty we saw.

Near a camping spot, (The Fancy Gap Campground), close to the Blue Ridge Parkway

There is so much more to share on this venue. We’ll keep you posted as our adventures continue.

As I write what I can, I really must hurry. It’s time to move on and today we must flurry.

We’re hoping we can make it to Vicksburg, where a battle was fought. (Maybe you’ve heard.)

We can’t stay on the road for ever and ever, but we always say. Never say never!

Whatever we see. Where ever we roam, Texas (and Murdo) will always be home.

I’ll write about the funny things and the things that are funny now, but weren’t at the time, later…And we have so many more photos. I’m not keeping up very well, but that’s life on the road…

2 thoughts on “Those 70ish girls…Traveling truths

  1. Valerie Halla November 1, 2022 / 12:09 pm

    Your poem and pics are uplifting, a fall gallery.
    I am glad you aren’t overeating.
    Cuz-That’s coming from a gal named often Valerie.
    And of course you’re not cheating
    On your diet… okay I’ll keep quiet.


    • Anonymous November 1, 2022 / 8:30 pm

      I ate it all and I would do it again!


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