Those 70ish girls…The trip down south went south

It all started out as planned…

Kip and I decided to go to San Antonio for a couple of days. There is a company there that has a showroom displaying RV furniture. Since at some point we plan to become fulltime RVers, we thought it would be a good idea to actually go where we can see what kind of selections the different manufacturers have to offer. We want the very best don’t ya know.

We loaded Nellie and Rylie into the Jeep and got an early start. When we were a little over halfway, we found a nice big field where the dogs could run. They are still youngsters so we try to wear them out that way. They love it and can really cover the ground.

When we got to New Braunfels, we stopped at a little café for lunch where we enjoyed some delicious sandwiches in their outside courtyard. The day was going great! A couple of hours later, got to the showroom where we were helped by a very nice lady who gave us all the time we needed and answered all of our questions.

We told her we must have a double recliner with a center piece that when folded up, the whole couch is flat…See picture. The arms have to be wide and cushioned. We want the dogs to be comfortable. We also need the lounge type rather than one that has a footstool design…See picture.

The nice lady didn’t have exactly what we wanted and we didn’t feel the types of leather she showed us would be durable enough for the dogs. She handed us some information on things she could special order and then showed us the door. We were glad we had gotten an early start because she said they were closing earlier than planned that day…hmm.

Next, we went to find a motel room for the night. We didn’t need anything fancy so we stopped at a motel 6. Kip went in and came right back out. “They aren’t dog friendly.” he said.

Next we went to a Fairfield by Marriot. It looked nicer, anyway. Kip came right back out. “Weren’t they dog friendly?” I asked. “Not really,” he said as he got back into the Jeep. “They wanted $75.00 per dog for the night.”

“Good grief!” I said. “How much did they want for people?”

“I don’t know,” he said. “I didn’t get that far.”

We got stuck in traffic while driving to a Super 8. This time Kip called ahead and found out they did accept dogs and it was only $40 per night, per dog. When I went inside, the place didn’t look so good to me. When I asked the person if I could see the room, she said, “no!”

Down the street a little ways was a La Quinta so we went there. We were hoping that stop #4 would be more accommodating than Motel 6 and Motel 8 had been. It had not even been a deposit they wanted. It was what they charged extra per night for dogs. I told Kip we should have said they’ve only chewed up a couple of towels and a TV remote. He said to be sure and tell them we wouldn’t go a cent over $1000.00 per night per dog.

We were in luck. We got the room and it only cost us $10.00 extra per dog. We were exhausted! Kip walked to Chili’s and got two salads to go. We had also stopped at this wonderful German bakery in New Braunfels and loaded up on Bear Claws and other delectable pastries. We had last been there 35 years before. We took son, Craig, to Sea World for spring break when he was 11. (When we stopped at the bakery, Craig let the van door hit against something and put a dent in it.)

Anyway, we were settled in and comfy in our nice room. We were very tired so we retired early. I was almost asleep when Nellie heard a car door slam and barked. We had just gotten her to quiet down when the people next to us slammed the door to their room. We finally turned all the lights on and turned the TV to a movie channel. The noise from the television muffled the other sounds that were upsetting her. A while later I asked Kip if he thought we could turn the lights out. He said he thought the lights were soothing to her.

I watched Christmas movies all night and was almost relieved when the dogs woke up at 4 am and wanted to go out. I will say the free serve-yourself breakfast did somewhat offset the dog fees.

We will be working diligently to find suitable furniture for the motorhome. We’ve ordered leather samples from 2 online companies that ship for free.

We just love, love, love RV travel…

One thought on “Those 70ish girls…The trip down south went south

  1. Valerie Halla December 3, 2022 / 8:57 am

    Ah ha! Baba knew it! You are looking for RV furniture under the guise of really just eating and are nostalgic for bearclaws, pastries and sandwiches and restaurants you’ve visited!
    Wonder if Rylie and Nellie will approve those leather samples. Keep us posted.
    (Hate when I am paying to not sleep in a motel.)


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