Murdo Girl…Just a cotton picking minute

Mother’s Day is over and summer is almost here. The little Murdo Girl’s paper gives us another great example of having fun without funds. She and her friend, Marlene experienced a hair-raising adventure in Alabama without even leaving Murdo. 


The Motel is open again. I don’t have to work too much, because school’s not out yet. Mom only has Marlene and me rent rooms if she has to run an errand, or fix supper. Business is really slow until all the kids get out of school and families can travel.

Well, one night Marlene and I did something we don’t usually do. We befriended some tourists. A Mom and a Grandma were traveling, and they had two kids with them.  They said it was fine with their teachers, because  they were going to the Black Hills and Mount Rushmore. That made it educational and all they had to do was write a paper about it.

They were kind of fun to talk to because they had been a lot of places. I guess they don’t go to school much. Anyway, they told us they lived in Alabama, and their Grandma had spent her childhood picking cotton. Later in life, she came into some money and was able to buy a pretty nice house. They even had a couple of servants. (After their Mom had them, her husband took off and they really never got to know him.)

A kid picking cotton in Alabama

This is where it gets interesting. The servants liked them, and they liked the servants too, since they practically raised the two kids. They told us the servants lived in a little house not too far from the big house. Well, one day the lady servant who took care of them, said her Grandma died. I guess it’s a tradition in the South when someone dies, you lay them out in the front room for a couple of days. At night you cover them up with a sheet.

On the second night, the lady servant came screaming up the hill to the big house. She said the Grandma had come back alive, and she was scared stiff . Marlene and I just looked at each other, but we didn’t say anything.

The kid’s Mom knew that it’s impossible for a dead person to come alive, so she wasn’t at all afraid to walk down the hill with the servant lady to check things out. When they walked in the door, the kid’s Mom could see the body laying out with a sheet over it.

Well, imagine her surprise, when in fact, the sheet was moving just like the servant had said. It really did appear that there was a live person under there after all. I was kind of flipping out now, and so was Marlene, but we still didn’t say anything.

You want to know what happened next? The kid’s Mom walked right over to the laid- out body and pulled the sheet off. There was a cat walking around under there, and the old Grandma was still as dead as a doornail.

Marlene and I decided that if  weird things like that happened in Murdo like where those kids live, we’d want to travel around too.

We’d been sitting out on the brick planters with the Alabama kids, when Mom came to relieve us. It was getting dark and Marlene didn’t want to walk all the way home by herself. We finally decided that I would walk her halfway home, which I did, then she took off running to her house, and I ran really fast back to mine.

The planters in front of the Chalet Motel where the kids told us their true story.

When I told Mom all about it, she just kept nodding her head kind of skeptically. She got up and walked over to the desk and looked at the guest register. She said, “Well, I thought they were probably just spinning yarns, but according to their registration, they are from Alabama.”

I’ll never forget that story, but I did forget what those kid’s names are.

There’s another reason I kind of believe them. The boy said he ordered a Dick Tracy secret decoder ring that glows in the dark. It got there during the daytime. His Mom said, “That looks like fun. Tonight when it gets dark, you can try it out.” Well, the kid didn’t want to wait that long, so he shut himself in a dark closet. He said the ring truly did glow, but the door locked and he couldn’t get out. It was about 4 hours before they finally found him.


Just ask yourself. Would a kid tell a story that made him look stupid like that if it wasn’t true? Besides, If Billy told a big whopper and I knew he was lying, I’d tell on him. That kid’s sister nodded her head the whole time like it was all true.


Anyway, Marlene and I are going out to the Webb’s house Friday night. Sometimes we tell ghost stories and now we’ll have a new one. We’re all getting tired of the one where the Mom sends her kid to the store for liver. On the way back it get’s dark. All the way home she keeps hearing, “I want my liver back!! The voice gets closer…I want my liver back… and closer… louder and louder, “I WANT MY LIVER BACK.” Finally, the man without a liver gets really close. He’s practically breathing down her neck…Then he says…..GOTCHA!!!”





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    • Mary Francis McNinch May 9, 2016 / 3:05 am

      Maybe subconsciously…I love hearing from you Judy. (Did you read the call girls?) I have fun with this blog, but you have tremendous talent


    • Mary Francis McNinch May 9, 2016 / 9:52 am

      Does Rita live in Murdo? Her sister Carol was a year older than me.


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