Murdo Girl…Can I have a word with you?

It’s all a part of growing up. Children should always be encouraged to expand their vocabulary. The Little Murdo Girl is most definitely picking up new words…or…different words. Oh heck, read her story and decide for yourself. Are her new words half-baked, or not half-bad? If I asked you if I’m alldumb? Would you say, poseYa?


Aunt Ella and Valerie are here for a visit. They’re staying above the store where they used to live. Mom and I drove uptown to see them yesterday. We were both excited, because we have really missed them since they moved to California. Mom made a macaroni salad and everything. I’ve had a lot of fun with Valerie. She’s an only child, and she doesn’t even have a distant big brother like I do.

My distant big brother..Billy

On the way uptown, Mom stopped at the Texaco station to get some gas and have Jim fix her taillight. She went inside and paid, then we took off to go uptown. I was holding the macaroni salad, so I wasn’t paying much attention, but I thought I heard a noise. I looked around, and I said, “Mom your trunk is up.” We were almost to Sanderson’s Store, so she kept going. We pulled in and got out of the car, and the Texaco guy got out of the trunk. Mom asked him if she could give him a ride back, but he said, “No,” and took off down the hill. Mom said, “I hope he fixed my light.”

Valerie on Rex (I think)

Valerie and I reminisced about the time she helped me take care of the sparrow eggs in my incubator, and about the day we herded Aske’s milk cows with our horses. I told her I feel bad every time I go into Super Value and Beulah Aske is working. She is so nice and she doesn’t even know we ran her milk cows all over the pasture.

Valerie Leckey when she got older

Then, Valerie decided she wanted to go out on the hot tar roof and suntan. That’s when she discovered she didn’t have her swimming suit, or “bathing suit,” as she calls it. She blamed her Mom for not packing it, and wanted to call Uncle Al, and have him send it to her. Of course, Aunt Ella thought that was a ridiculous idea. Mom and I listened to that back and forth for awhile, then Mom said we had to go pick up the motel towels at the laundromat. That annoyed me, because I wanted to stay and hang around Valerie. Mom said.”It’s your job Mary Constance,” so down the stairs I went.

Ella Leckey, Helen Haverberg, Mom

We didn’t go to the laundromat, because we hadn’t even picked up the towels from the Motel. Most of the tourists weren’t even gone yet when we left. By the way, my towel job is slightly easier since the Motel got bigger, because I don’t have to wash them one load at a time at home. We wash and dry them all at the laundromat, then I fold them. I make a little bit more money, if I keep my nose to the grindstone, and don’t take off too many days.

Anyway, we just walked over to Mack’s Cafe, and I got one of Doris’s cinnamon rolls. Let me just say, in my opinion, there can’t be a better cinnamon roll in the world. While we were there, Aunt Elna came in, and she and Mom started yacking. When they get excited about stuff, they both start talking at the same time, and their voices get kind of screechier. All of the Sanderson’s have similar screech sounds when they get excited.


Macks Cafe

Anyway, there’s a guy that works for Doris named Slim. He’s really nice, and a hard worker. Slim’s mind isn’t quite as old as he is, but he gets along pretty well, I think. For some reason, he has taken a disliking to Aunt Elna. One day when Mom and Elna were in Mack’s Cafe and it was really busy, Mom and Aunt Elna found themselves sitting at different tables. Well, Slim brought Mom a note, and she asked him who gave it to him? He said, “Old bag, Old bag,” and pointed at Aunt Elna.

Remember when I told you that Mom makes up new words? Well, she stole one from Slim. If you’re talking with him, and he agrees with you, he says “PoseYa.” Which means, “I suppose, yes.” I use the word too. I really like it because it’s faster than saying all the other words. It’s like Mom’s word, “alldumb.”


A few days later

Mom and I took Aunt Ella and Valerie back to the airport in Rapid City, so they could fly back to California. They still weren’t getting along too well. We stopped to eat in Rapid before going on to the airport, and Aunt Ella started talking about some guy getting a viesectomy. Valerie said, “Mom, it’s vasectomy.” Aunt Ella continued with her story and kept saying viesectomy. After correcting her 2 or 3 times, Valerie stood up and said,” VASECTOMY MOM, IT’S CALLED VASECTOMY.” She did that right in the middle of a crowded restaurant. It sure raised a few eyebrows! People were probably wondering why two women and a teenager were talking like that in front of a sweet looking little girl.

A sweet looking little girl with a hairdo like a 40 yr. old

Mom couldn’t wait to get home to recreate that story!


Slim is in this picture..I identified 6 others..How many do you know?

4 thoughts on “Murdo Girl…Can I have a word with you?

  1. Patti May 11, 2016 / 10:16 pm

    The story of the Texaco guy in the trunk made us laugh out loud. You’re a great story-teller, Mary.

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  2. sanjuan831 May 11, 2016 / 7:54 pm

    I sure was acting like a teenage brat back then! I remember not having my bikini and throwing a fit. How could I be so rude to my sweet dear Mom?!!!! I’ve been working at being a calmer nicer person. Ken, my husband, said he would never have a VA- sectomy cuz he has had all his vaccinations! Thanks for such great story and still putting up with me.


    • Mary Francis McNinch May 11, 2016 / 8:55 pm

      Valerie, please tell me I didn’t upset you..It was a cute teenage story. you are one of the dearest people I know, and you were, and are a huge part of my life and well being. Love you…I love Ken’s comment!!


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