Murdo Girl…Yram Sicnarf…cont.


This is your man on the street reporter with another report. You remember me…I’m Yram Sicnarf. I have been given another assignment to interview a Murdo High School faculty member. His name is Harold Thune with a bunch of other stuff.

Mr. Harold Thune with an auditorium named after him and a son with a sign.


Yram: Good morning Harold. May I call you Mr. Thune?

Yram Sicnarf before she became award winning..well, except for the Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow pin

Mr. Thune: Mr. Thune is my father’s name, and also my brother’s name. In addition, I have four sons who are Mr. Thunes. I am the only Thune however, with the distinction of having an auditorium named after him. I also have a son with a sign. That’s how most people tell us apart. Now what was your question?

Yram: Okey dokey. I’m here on an assignment to interview you. I am an award-winning reporter, from Gun Barrel City, Texas. Our slogan is, “We Shoot Straight.”

Mr. Thune: I’m not quite sure how to answer that question.

Yram: What question?

Mr. Thune: So now you want me to ask the questions?

Yram: You’re trying to confuse me aren’t you Mr. Thune. I know all about your wily ways. Does the name Murdo Girl mean anything to you?

Mr. Thune: Catchy name, but I don’t believe I know her.

Yram: Can we please take a look back to an Algebra class say in,  66-67? The Murdo Girl I’m speaking of is stunningly talented. She apparently regards you very highly Mr. Thune. She said you were an excellent Algebra teacher. Fortunately, she took Physical Education from you as well.

Mr. Thune: Fortunately?

Yram: Let me explain. Murdo Girl has had no use for Algebra, but thanks to your expertise in Physical Education training, she is still able to walk and lift heavy objects. Have all your students been so successful?

Mr. Thune: Let’s dial this back a little. Are you telling me this Murdo Girl has never had to solve for X?  I think I know who you’re talking about. Her mother flunked Algebra right? Of course that was way before my time. I’m fairly certain Murdo Girl took two years of Algebra. She should be able to solve for X  AND Y.

Yram: Well, to be perfectly honest Mr. Thune with an auditorium named after him and a son with a sign, Murdo Girl hasn’t solved a problem in years, and FYI, her Mother did not fail Algebra. Algebra failed her.

Mr. Thune: I will say, having  Murdo Girl in PE class was certainly unforgettable.

Yram: (smiling), Really?

Mr. Thune: I don’t believe she ever did wash her gym suit. Four years is a long time.

Yram: I’m writing

Mr. Thune: Well Miss Sicnarf, I would really like to say this has been fun…but I can’t.

Yram: You can’t what? Oh, never mind. Can you tell me where I can find Coach Applebee?

Mr. Thune: No..because I’m going to help him hide.


Signs, auditoriums, Where am I? I need help. I have a sticker, do I need a sign?
Murdo Elementary School 1937 (All Grades)

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  1. sanjuan831 June 12, 2016 / 7:30 pm

    Ms Sicnarf should keep doing interviews and polish her skills. I love her as a blonde.


  2. countrygirl57 June 12, 2016 / 7:28 pm

    Priceless. Love the name and the pictures!!

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