Murdo Girl…On the Road..Day 42..Momma milk my goat

Friday night

What a difference a day makes. We got away from Tucson around 9:00 this morning, which was good for us. Our goal was to get to Las Cruces, NM, but we made it to El Paso for a total of 312 miles. That was really good for us! It’s supposed to freeze here tonight..bad for us. It’s the first time we’ve had to think about things with water in them freezing. I’m already dreading taking the dogs out in the morning.


What is an El Paso? Do they bite?

I learned a new phrase today that really applies here. The phrase is,”Momma milk my goat.” I borrowed it from Judy Dykstra Brown’s blog, Lifelessons. You can find the story if you go to her blog at and use the search words, Grandma goat. It’s a good story.

On the long drive, we were lamenting about the lack of beautiful country to appreciate. There were no pictures to take. It’s over, we thought. We needed time to grieve. Then it happened again. We topped a hill… okay, rounded a corner, and saw this…



I was totally unprepared. I didn’t know where my camera was, and by the time we could pull over, we had gone past most of the scenic area. It was different from all the other beautiful byways we had seen and as you know, we have seen a lot. In God’s world, no two things are exactly alike right? I am back in the state of gratitude and back in the state of Texas. It has its own unique beauty as does South Dakota. No two snow flakes are alike either.  Kip’s sister sent me this picture taken yesterday. She lives in Greeley, Colorado.



Saturday morning 

It’s all relative..Huh dogs?..dogs?? They should be happy they don’t live in Sioux Falls, SD. I just heard on the news they are having a deadly blizzard. Come on dogs..It’s time for our walk. It’s cold, but it didn’t freeze




Goodbye El Paso…No dog run…You get Zippo!



3 thoughts on “Murdo Girl…On the Road..Day 42..Momma milk my goat

  1. scoper07 November 19, 2016 / 7:27 pm

    Glad you didn’t have a freeze. All the time I have been seeing pictures of your beautiful traveling home, it never dawned on me you would be vulnerable to freezing. Yikes!! Good thing you got away from it. Hope the rest of your trip is frost free!


  2. sanjuan831Valerie Halla November 19, 2016 / 11:15 am

    Kinda thought you might run into colder weather but when it is sunny also, it makes the cold air easier to accept. Cindy knows the best places to stay. She needs her own blog to update dogs.

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