Murdo Girl…On the road..Happenstance


We were glad to see El Paso in our rear view mirror, but it wasn’t long before looking out the window of the motor home was once again a pleasure. We drove 382 miles Saturday before we stopped for the night, which turned out to be a little disconcerting at first.

We decided to drive further than our planned destination and as we continued to drive, we had to keep rethinking where we should find a park to spend the night. We have a Good Sam’s GPS attached to the dash that has proven to be invaluable. It’s the one we left charging at home last year. The GPS not only gives us directions including which lane to be in, it tells us where all the restaurants, gas stations, rest areas, RV parks and other points of interests are.


About 4-ish, I plugged in the name of a town up ahead and only one RV park came up, so we headed that way. When we exited highway 10, we saw beautiful hill country, but no signs of life, like houses or cars. The GPS voice said to go 5 miles down the road, then turn left onto a private road. We followed her directions, but still the only living things we saw were deer, some sheep, and a scary looking coyote.

I didn’t ask Kip what he was thinking, but I was worried. What if it was a dead-end? What if it turned out to be a big ruse and we would be met by dangerous robbers? Later Kip told me the only thing he was thinking about was the sun was setting and he wasn’t going to drive back out of there until morning no matter what. He was already concerned about hitting a deer.


As we topped a hill, we saw a sign that said, “Watch out for children.” What would kids be doing way out there with sheep, deer and coyotes we wondered? The GPS lady kept talking, and we kept driving.

Finally… we got there. It looked like a great place in a beautiful hill country setting. We could see 2 RV’s set up in a rather secluded spot. Then we saw a nice house and a store. Kip parked and walked over to the store. When he came back out, I could see he had paperwork in his hand which is always my sign that we got a spot.


The whole purpose of the park is to provide a place for people who are going to tour the nearby Sonora Cavern or hike the trails and see the wildlife. They have a deer feeding area, but there’s no hunting. The deer are as tame as a deer can be. They also have peacocks and pheasant roaming around. It is a working sheep ranch as well. They sell homemade fudge and souvenirs in the store that’s also home to a mounted moose head, several deer, and other animal heads that I didn’t look at closely. 


Cyndie is not too happy about Kip petting Big White


We befriended a Great Pyrenees with size 12 feet, and met the two other couples in RV’s who also got there by chance, not on purpose. The place wasn’t crowded on Sunday night, but they said they had been full Friday and Saturday. Our only regret was we didn’t feel we could spare the 2 hours it would take to tour the Sonora Caverns. It will be on our list of places to come back to.

Ann Margaret with her boyfriend Elvis (peacocks) 


Goodbye Sonora Caverns. You get a 4.5. I got to see deer, but I had to stay on my leash.


Today we’re  in Corpus Christi doing laundry 

4 thoughts on “Murdo Girl…On the road..Happenstance

  1. scoper07 November 21, 2016 / 10:23 pm

    Good thing your venture to the campground worked out. It’s not like you can take a U turn in the middle of the road to get out. You should be warmer now. No chance of freezing pipes now either.

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  2. sanjuan831 November 21, 2016 / 9:23 pm

    Sweet dog Cyndie! Glad you found a place to stay.

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    • Mary Francis McNinch November 21, 2016 / 10:16 pm

      What are you and Ken doing for Thanksgiving cuz? We’re in Corpus Christi until Wednesday morning, then to Galveston, then home. I’ve been missing you!

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      • sanjuan831 November 21, 2016 / 10:36 pm

        Ken and I are having Morgan and his girlfriend for big Thanksgiving dinner. I love the traditional turkey dinner. Matthew has to work so will be in LA with his girlfriend and in Portland Caitlin going to hubby’s bosses place. Morgan and Ken always cook too so we all pitch in. Your Galveston deal should be fun!

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