Murdo Girl..Connie’s story..Friendship

Hope expected Warren to call her when he got back from visiting his Dad in Wyoming, but she didn’t think he would come right over. She was surprised and happy to see him standing in the hall. Her happiness turned to concern when she got a closer look at him. Warren was visibly upset, but why?


“What is wrong Warren?” I shoved him into Pearl’s kitchen and shut the door behind us. I didn’t know if I should badger him, or give him a few minutes to settle down. I decided to badger him. “Come on Warren, I couldn’t wait for you to get home, but something bad has happened hasn’t it? Please tell me Warren. You’re scaring me!”

Warren walked over and sat at the kitchen table, so I did too. I was familiar with what I saw when I looked at his face. Not because I had seen him like that..I hadn’t. I had seen the same expression in the mirror. Not since the months after my parents died, had I seen such a tortured expression. Only this time, it was on my best friend.

“Warren,” I pleaded. “You have to tell me what has happened.” My mind was going crazy. I was afraid to hear his answer. I was afraid for him. He looked at me and shook his head as if he could read my mind. I took a deep breath and waited. I had to do something so I got up and poured him a glass of cold water. It wasn’t ice chips, but it was my way of trying to help him feel better. I began to understand why my Mom always brought me a cup of ice chips when I felt sick. After Mom was gone, Grandma brought me ice chips when I was sick with grief and it had upset me even more.

I could barely hear Warren when he spoke.


“Nobody died Hope, and nobody is sick. Well that isn’t exactly true I guess. Nothing is ever going to be the same, and there’s nothing I can do about it. I had to get out of my house, and away from my Mom and Dad. I’m sure they’ll figure out I came here.”

“I saw your Mom yesterday,” I said. “She didn’t act like herself. Does that have anything to do with what has you so upset?”

He looked away for a long moment as if he was trying to decide if saying the awful thing out loud would make it more real. I knew that feeling well.

“My Dad came in the house when he brought me back today. I thought Mom would be at work, but she wasn’t. She was sitting in the livingroom. The place was a mess Hope. My mom wasn’t sick, she had been drinking, and this wasn’t the first time.”

Warren looked at me. I guess he was waiting for my reaction. “I’m so sorry Warren.” It was all I could think of to say.

“Dad was so mean to her Hope, and not just today. Dad has always been mean to her. Do you want to know what he said?”

I nodded. I needed to hear it all. I needed to know what had happened to hurt my friend so badly.

“He told her that she wasn’t capable of taking care of me, because she couldn’t even take care of herself. Mom didn’t say a word. She just looked at me. She had tears running down her cheeks, but I don’t think she knew it. She didn’t even know she was crying.”

“That’s terrible Warren. Did your Dad leave? Is your Mom at home by herself?”

“I don’t know..Dad told me to pack my stuff. He said he was taking me back to live with him. I told him I was not leaving my Mom and I was not leaving Murdo, then I ran out of the house and came here. I meant what I said. I’m not going with him, even if it means I never see my baby sister again.”

The phone rang and I could hear Pearl in the other room talking to the caller. Warren and I both heard her say, “Why yes, I think he is here. Would you like me to put him on?” Soon, she came into the kitchen.


“Warren honey, that was your Mom, she wants you to come home. Your Dad wants to say goodbye to you.”

“Do you want me to go with you?” I asked. “I can at least walk you part way.”


Connie’s Story

Listen to your Angel

“Connie Angel, I need your help. I don’t understand why some people act the way they do. When I walked Warren home, his Dad was outside talking to Warren’s Grandpa. His Grandma must have been inside with Mrs. Martin. Mr. Martin’s new wife and new baby were sitting in the car waiting. Warren hadn’t told me they were there. I didn’t think it was my place to stay. I mean, what could I do?”

You have helped your friend more than you know Hope. You two have been good for each other. Remember how sickly Warren was when he first moved here? He seems to have outgrown his asthma. He’s even been able to play basketball, and I understand from what you have said, he’s pretty good too. Does he plan to play in high school?

“I guess so. That is if he gets to stay in Murdo. He’ll really be upset if all the kids find out his Mom is drinking a lot. He’ll be embarrassed too.”

That’s where you can help him Hope. Maybe things will calm down and Warren won’t have to leave. Whatever happens, you and Warren need to remember you can’t control what the other kids know or do. It doesn’t matter anyway. You can’t influence the decisions his parents have to make either, but you can help Warren. He can get through whatever happens. You should know that better than anyone.

 “But Connie Angel, If I can’t change anything for him, how can I help him?”

You can start by telling him he has an Angel watching over him too. You can tell him to listen to all that is good inside himself before he says or does anything he might regret.

“Does everyone have an Angel like I have you?”

Yes Hope.. everyone has an Angel.  A voice they can seek and listen to and trust. You are learning to listen for the right answers. 

I know this is a lot for you to understand, but I’m hoping you will grasp the meaning. You cannot depend on others to do what is right. You always have the choice. Do you listen to your Angel’s voice, which you could think of as your higher voice, or do you follow other people who might lead you astray?

“I think I understand, but I have a question. Will Warren have to start with a doll like I did? I don’t think he will go for that. I’m only kidding Connie Angel, but you already know that don’t you?”


Well.. has someone had enough for one day?  Let me give you something else to ponder.

School begins in a couple of weeks. I know you want to start high school with Warren, but if that doesn’t happen, you will have to accept the way things are. You both need to lighten up and enjoy this time in your life. Refuse to carry the weight of the grownup’ s problems on your young shoulders…And Hope.. You both need more friends. 

“I know. I’ve been thinking a lot about that. Oh no, I just saw something.”

“Pearl..come here Pearl..there you are. You didn’t eat your food today and you’ve been acting funny. Look what I just spotted on the floor by your bed? A Bing wrapper. Wait here, I’ll go get you some ice chips.”


Fun memories of High School in the late 60’s. On PE days we wore short skirts and knee highs so we wouldn’t have to bring extra socks or deal with pantyhose. Did you have an autograph dog that all your friends signed? Me neither..

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  1. scoper07 November 23, 2016 / 8:42 am

    You packed a lot of wisdom in this story. Having to deal with a drinking parent and the other wanting to take you away would be a lot to occupy your mind. How wonderful Warren has Hope who knows what he is going through.

    Well thought out story Murdo Girl. The story is coming along nicely.

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    • Mary Francis McNinch November 23, 2016 / 10:27 am

      Thanks 07..BTW I read the story you emailed yesterday. It’s perfect for the next episode.


      • scoper07 November 23, 2016 / 10:54 am

        I had an inkling you might need it. That’s why I didn’t wait to send it.


  2. countrygirl57 November 22, 2016 / 11:27 pm

    Life lessons – all the way through. Loved it. ❤️💞❤️💞

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    • Mary Francis McNinch November 22, 2016 / 11:29 pm

      Thank you so much..I was a little worried about it. I feel better now. Can’t wait to see you next week.


  3. Mary Francis McNinch November 22, 2016 / 11:27 pm

    Of course you did (have an autograph dog)..and of course you know where I got the Bing wrapper. I have several more just like it!

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  4. lifelessons November 22, 2016 / 11:23 pm

    Yes, I had an autograph dog exactly like that. And, I know where you got that empty Bing wrapper to photograph!!!!!

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