Murdo Girl…Watch me Now..take 124


We arrived home from Galveston just as darkness was creeping over the land. We packed up what we needed for the night, grabbed the dogs, (put a towel over the cat’s head so she wouldn’t freak out on the way to the house), locked up our rolling house, and settled back into the house that stays in one place. Then we took a deep breath just as you are now. Everything else can wait until tomorrow to be transferred.

We’re almost home girls


I said “Watch me Now” Lav!!

I was determined to wrap-up the rap everybody is holding my feet to the fire to perform, so I figured out a way. We are going to suffer through this rap if it’s the last thing I do as the self-appointed Murdo Girl. (That may be overstating the worst case scenario for me, so forget the “last thing I do as MG” part.) The only problem was, I didn’t bring any of my crowns in. I had packed every single one of them for the trip. You would think I would have had one laying around here somewhere, but I didn’t. I was happy to see my new T shirt in the mail. It has a crown on it so I forged ahead.


They call me Mellow Yellow..That’s my song

As you view this exceptional display of talent, try to remember this whole thing got started because I can’t sing. Val was trying to help me participate in the karaoke NYE/birthday party at the Jamaica RV park in Galveston. I did perform the rap along with 3 friends, but there was a recording snafu, and at a karaoke party, there are no rap do-overs. So here you go. I have performed.


“Watch me Now”

Written by Valerie Halla and rapped by sometime rapper and full-time   Murdo Girl

This is Val/Lav..If you ever need a rap song, she writes them. She likes to hang out with the stars.

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