Murdo Girl…1960’s…small town life

Murdo Girl

I don’t know how this is going to turn out. The little Murdo Girl is still writing, but I have to rein her in sometimes. She is far too obsessed with writing about all of her brother’s misdeeds. I asked her to please hold it down to one or two a day. We’ll see how it goes. I would like to learn more about some of the other people living in Murdo.


I love my brother, but sometimes it’s hard to know if he’s telling me the truth. Like yesterday.. I was really hungry when I got home from school, so I looked in the ice box for a snack. There were some pork ribs in there, so I ate a couple. They weren’t very good, but I was hungry. Well, when Dad and Billy got home we had supper… pork ribs. I told Mom that I had tried…

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