Murdo Girl…We Shall See..soon

For those Murdo Girl readers who don’t already know this…I have a book available on Amazon. The title is “We Shall See what We Shall See.”

The book is about a Beasterhop. It’s the story I told my Dad when I was a little girl. My brother Billy reminded me of it when he first read my Murdo Girl stories

It is currently available for $10.49. I had to go up a little because I added 2 pages, so the printing cost increased.

However: I am offering a price reduction from 3-10-17 to 3-15-17. You can purchase as many books as you would like for $9.49. You can go to Amazon and search for the book title or my name (Mary Francis McNinch). If the price doesn’t show $9.49, wait..I will be monitoring the change to make sure it shows correctly.

I love this book and I know you, and the children in your life will too. It’s sure to inspire girls and boys to use their imaginations. They might even come up with their own versions of the Beasterhop.



Sometimes when our eyes are closed we can see much better. 




The table is fashioned from one of my Grandma Sanderson’s cups and saucers


(picture of two little girls)

Cousins Valerie Leckey Halla on the left, and Andrea Miller Sheehan on the right

Later on, I’ll give a history of all the photographs in the book. Some were gifts from our children and grandchildren, others are reminders I have kept from momentous occasions over the years. The bunny figurines were a gift from my very dear friend Pat Davis.


Below is one of my favorites from the earlier Murdo Girl stories. I still remember the night I wanted to sleep outside in my TV tray Tent.

I feel bad. Today I told Mom her teeth were yellow. She was getting on me about brushing my teeth, and I said,”Well, my teeth are whiter than yours!” I expected her to say something back, but she didn’t. Of course my teeth are whiter. Her teeth are 31 years older than mine. I couldn’t really tell her that now could I?

Then, I got the bright idea to make a tent out of a TV tray and a blanket, and sleep out in the yard. It works pretty good. You can actually use two TV trays if you have a big  enough blanket. You have to be able to stretch the blanket over the trays and pound a clothes pin in the corners, then into the ground. Don’t ever plan on sleeping two people in a one TV tray tent.

I got myself all set up, and I thought everything would be fun. It got dark kind of early. I have a flashlight, but what fun is it to lay there in your front yard under a TV tray tent all by yourself, without anybody to even talk to.

I don’t have a dog. Billy’s got a cat named Yappy, but she hides up in the attic above the garage all the time. She only comes down when she  brings her kittens to us. She’s friends with Pete Reese’s tomcat. Pete is the old man who lives next door. He has a tomcat we call Tommy. The cat got his tail partially frozen off one bad winter. I personally don’t think cats are all that much fun.

We kept one of Yappy’s kittens once and named him Tinkerbell. After he got bigger he ran off somewhere and didn’t come back for a whole year. Cats aren’t fun, but they must be smart to know how to get around like that.

You know, I’m just laying here thinking. I really don’t know Pete Reese very well. If he lets his cat’s tail get frozen off, who knows what he might do to a kid who’s laying outside under a TV tray tent.

The ground is getting hard on me. Dad never got around to planting grass, so I’m laying here on prickly weeds. What a dumb idea this was. Mom should have told me no. She’s probably still in there feeling self conscious about her yellowing teeth.

Maybe I should just go in and finish this night out in my bed. I sure hate to admit defeat. On the other hand how are you going to know if something will be fun unless you try it out? I could just say I tried it out and it wasn’t fun. It’s not like I just got scared and went in. I stayed out here quite awhile and I’m also without food and water.

Shoot, I forgot to go to the bathroom before I came out here. What if I fall asleep and have to go inside the house and go to the bathroom in the middle of the night? I’ll have to leave my TV tray tent unprotected.

I don’t have any idea how long it’s been since somebody changed the batteries in this flashlight. What if a snake crawls in here in the middle of the night and the flashlight batteries are dead? There’s nothing worse than hearing a snake that you can’t see.

I shouldn’t have asked Mom if I could make a TV tray tent and sleep in it while she was distracted about her teeth. What if she didn’t hear me right? She probably didn’t even think about the snakes and Pete Reese.

I feel sorry for Mom. What if something happens to me? She’ll spend the rest of her life blaming herself, because she started this whole chain of events when she confronted me about my teeth.

Do you know how long a person should tryout an idea like sleeping outside in a TV tray tent, without food and water, and a flashlight with unknown battery life?

I don’t think we have another flashlight so Mom can’t check on me even if she wants to. I shouldn’t be so thoughtless.

Oh no… I’m going to have to go in. I just remembered something. I forgot to brush my teeth.




6 thoughts on “Murdo Girl…We Shall See..soon

  1. sanjuan831 March 9, 2017 / 9:14 pm

    One of the best of the best. I still remember those TV trays Grandma And Grandpa had.
    Will order copies of your book and probably donate a copy to my school here. Can’t wait!
    I like dogs better than cats also, but still always have had cats around. Our first cat Ken named Mousetrap.

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    • Mary Francis McNinch March 9, 2017 / 9:20 pm

      Good name. I was looking at the movie stills (Mark’s VHS tapes) tonight and saw those TV trays of Gmpa and Grandma’s. What a great idea to donate a book to the school! I will too!

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  2. scoper07 March 9, 2017 / 8:24 pm

    I think your TV tray tent story is one of your best. It is like you went inside and wrote the story right away. And then brought it out, dusted it off, and put it in your blog several decades later.

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    • Mary Francis McNinch March 9, 2017 / 8:31 pm

      Thanks 07..It’s one of my favorites too. It’s all about saving face. Billy couldn’t believe I remembered Pete Reese and Tommy.


      • scoper07 March 9, 2017 / 9:02 pm

        I don’t believe I ever knew of them. Did their cat really have its tail frozen?

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      • Mary Francis McNinch March 9, 2017 / 9:17 pm

        He was an old bachelor that lived next door to the South of us, when we lived North of 16. Yes, Pete really did have a cat with half of his tail frozen off.

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