Murdo Girl…moving on

I’m willing to admit it. All my ideas aren’t great. I have a lot of good, bad ideas. Was it worth exposing myself to sickness to make $382.00? Wait …before Heidi calls me wanting the remainder of her money, the $382.00 includes her $190.00, the $45.00 change we started with and Skyler’s $11.00 lemonade and tip money.

Remember these? I can’t believe Heidi was able to part with them. Pinching fat doesn’t sound like much fun..They didn’t sell. I have them if anyone is interested.

If I hadn’t felt so bad the last couple of days it would have been worth it just to get the junk out of the house to the garage and eventually it was donated or trashed rather than brought back inside. Kip and I have only lived in this house three years, so we didn’t have any big things to sell. I couldn’t believe Kip didn’t say anything when he brought his one pair of old shoes out and sat them next to the eighteen pairs of shoes I had out there to sell. (They don’t fit. They never did.)

Kip and I learned way back that it’s a waste of time to put an ad in the newspaper. If it says 8 -5 and you sell -out or fall -out at 3, you still have to stay until 5 because people will show up. If you don’t put and ad in, you just hide your stuff , take down your sign and quit! We knew we weren’t going to continue on Saturday no matter what, although several told us Saturday is a better day in Mabank.

Anyway, the day of the sale you put your sign out that says 8-5 whenever you’re ready to open up. The last sale we had, I told Kip we needed to go get some change. He said, “Well we better hurry because the sign says it starts at 8!” I told him nobody would know that until he put the sign out…get it?

Enough about my garage sale. Like Mom used to say, “Enough about me, how did you like my last movie?”

Kip is in his recliner watching football. He bought each of us a new recliner a few months ago. Apparently, he had to have the electric ones. You can move your feet up, your back down, support your head, and your lumbar. (I’m really thankful for the lumbar support. I’ve been asking for one.)

So he gets “our ” recliners all set up and realizes they won’t be up against a wall where there is a place to plug them in. He says he will run a cord under the floor…the concrete covered by wood floor, but in the “meantime” he will cover the cords with a rubber strip. Our floor is very dark wood, but he came home with a tan strip. I talked in a louder voice than normal and said, “You mean you couldn’t get a dark brown one for me and everyone else to trip over?!” He left and came back with a better color.

I don’t sit in mine that often because I’m up and down too much and it takes too long for the remote to get me up and down. As it is, one of us has to stay out of the chair anyway because if someone comes to the door, or calls on the phone, the one sitting in the chair with their feet, head, neck and lumbar propped up, can’t get all of that down to a “get-off-the-chair” position fast enough. Do I sound mad? We have the same thing in the motor home. They do, however, have an emergency button in case the electricity goes off and you’re stuck up in the chair. You have to turn the chair upside down to reach it.

I’ve started collecting hats. My friend, Janet, had a really cute idea. You decorate them with bling. Costume jewelry with sparkly stones look really cute pinned on them. You can’t see the choo choo train on my purple hat very well. I know I’m going to have a problem with this collection. I already forgot my rain hat at church this morning.

I’ll still be collecting crowns, too, but I don’t have very many now.

Jeez…do you think she’ll forget all about us? I thought she collected Beasterhops.

Thanks for letting me get a few things off my chest. I feel much better now. My life is pretty perfect… except some of my kids don’t call me enough.

3 thoughts on “Murdo Girl…moving on

  1. lifelessons October 23, 2017 / 12:38 am

    You aren’t going to show us the chairs???


    • Mary Francis McNinch October 23, 2017 / 9:09 pm

      I think they’re in tonight’s dog post.I will take one of the house chairs. Where are you now?


      • lifelessons October 23, 2017 / 10:05 pm

        Still in Sheridan. Flying to St. Louis tomorrow.


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