Murdo Girl…The frown

Lately I’ve been feeling down. Something’s causing me to frown.

A smile can’t be that far away. What would make me smile today?

It can’t be food, I’m on a diet. I found a hat, but didn’t buy it.


I just got rid of so much stuff. I still have way more than enough.

I’ll phone a friend. Will I feel better? Better yet…I’ll write a letter.

I can’t call or write today. That won’t chase my blues away.


Should I nap or read a book? Or figure out whose frown I took?

I have nothing  much to gain if I take on another’s pain.

Drive me crazy?…It’s not that far, I won’t ride in the crazy car.


Talk to me and tell me more. Listening is what friends are for.

No one else can live your life, solve your problems, feel your strife.

I can’t take away your frown, it will only double down.

I’ll have one and so will you. Then what are we to do?


I’ll sit with you and hold your hand and really try to understand.

There’s one who knows what’s in my head. Should  I talk to Him instead?

He’ll give me answers and if I listen… the sun will shine, the stars will glisten.


Think of things you’re thankful for, but never try to keep a score.

You shouldn’t give your frown away and ruin someone else’s day.


A cheery smile is what they need. When we smile, we plant a seed.

So do not give your frown away. Save it for another day

Give your smiles away instead. Nothing more needs to be said.


A smile is just a frown turned upside down