Murdo Girl…The more she learns the less she knows

It’s Sunday evening and I’m late writing this post because I have been online looking for lots. It seems the more we learn, the less we know about the things you have to think about before purchasing a lot for a tiny home.

We were talking with a sales person who was giving us a tour of some model TH’s, and he showed us a home that some people had paid cash for only to find out the subdivision they bought the lot in had square footage restrictions. The price of the tiny home had been greatly reduced.

I think I said in another blog that because the tiny home is under 400 square feet in size and has wheels and axles, it is classified as a recreational vehicle. That is turning out to be a blessing and a curse. The blessing is there is no property tax on the unit. The curse is it’s more difficult than we first thought to find a suitable lot to purchase. We really want to buy rather than lease the lot, but I don’t think we should put our house on the market until that  problem is resolved. I looked online today and found several lots listed with realtors. We will begin researching them this week. We hope to move back into our small house Wednesday. Then we’ll have to tackle the dirt and dust everywhere. It has sifted through the doors that have been closed, and inside the kitchen cabinets. I get a headache just thinking about it.

A lot of tiny home owners rent lots in a tiny home community. The only one we have found close to the Mabank/Cedar Creek Lake area is in Canton about twenty miles from here. We will check that out too for another option to consider.

Nix that idea. I just spent about an hour researching Mill Creek Resort in Canton. It’s beautiful, but they don’t offer full-time living. It’s a vacation home and rental community. I didn’t find any information on the cost, but I’m not going to spend anymore time investigating because it’s not what we are looking for.

We are not giving up. We will be such experts on tiny homes by the time we reach our goal, we will be able to write a how-to book. It will sell because when all the kinks get worked out, tiny homes will be even more in demand. They are sure moving them off the lot in Athens at a rapid pace. Kip said some of the sold homes are going into a community, but they usually don’t allow any other improvements, like an RV port. I see some compromises up ahead.

I try not to get too far into the future. How many times do our plans work out like we think they will? That’s why it’s important for us to do our due diligence. We’re far too long in the tooth to make costly mistakes.

Maybe my next pursuit should be to contact HGTV. Since Chip and JoJo are leaving, Kip and I could slip right into their spot. I’ve been trying to think of a name for the series. How about, Kip and MG’s Puny Pad, or Kip and MG Living Little…

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Now who wouldn’t want us as neighbors?

The gardener, the cook, the crazy relative, the party planner, the maid


I’m going to live in a stunted manor




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  1. scoper07 January 8, 2018 / 8:32 pm

    Really a lot to consider! You will get it figured out. I like the multi-colored one.

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    • Mary Francis McNinch January 8, 2018 / 11:03 pm

      Hey 07! Only a couple of more days to enjoy being younger than me. I’ll look again at the multi-colored one.


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