Murdo Girl…Happy as if she had good sense.

We had to drive to Dallas this morning for a doctor’s appointment so that cut into our day a little bit. We hadn’t really mapped out our ongoing strategy, anyway. It was a beautiful sunny day, so when we got back to the RV around noon, we took the dogs over to the Bark Park for some exercise. Later, our friends, Ron and Barbara, came over to visit and see what improvements had been made to Texan’s RV Park. They’re RVers too. We decided to drive over to Athens and show them all of the model tiny homes we had been telling them about.

Each time we go look, we leave thinking we have decided on the one we like the best, and then when we go back to look again, we change our minds. Maybe it’s a good thing this is looking like it will take some time.

These two models are our current favorites. Which one do you think should be Kip and MG’s Stunted Manor? (I stole the name from Queen E. She is going to live in “Bucking Bacon” which is a miniature replica of Buckingham Palace, only more rustic.

The Meadowview



The Bishop 2


These photos don’t really do them justice, but let us know which one you like best.

I never did do the wash the other day so we’re going to do that in the morning. The salesman we see almost every day, gave us the name of a real estate agent that might be able to help us find a lot. We’ll try to get in touch with him in the afternoon.

The floor guys will finish up with the trim in the small house tomorrow. We have someone lined up to help us clean on Wednesday and we will most likely move back in on Thursday.

Kip said not to worry. No matter what, we were going to find a lot to put our Stunted Manor on. He wanted to know if I had ever thought about moving to Alaska.

He doesn’t know my new mantra for 2018 is, “Life shouldn’t be a struggle.” I’m trying hard to remember I don’t have to push the river, it flows. Besides…tiny igloos? It’s not gonna happen.


This is Buck and Bacon. I can’t decide which one to ride. Which one would you pick?

2 thoughts on “Murdo Girl…Happy as if she had good sense.

  1. scoper07 January 9, 2018 / 6:54 am

    Nicely written piece MG! I like The Meadowview. Does it really come with the deck fireplace? The barn doors look nice but I wonder about their practicality. What I mean is that the door is held by a track above but not below. So can a furry friend push through the door? It looks to me like the bottom of the door can rub against the woodwork when opening and closing unless you are very careful. How can Kip slam the door when he is upset with you????

    I like Buck.


    • Mary Francis McNinch January 9, 2018 / 7:43 am

      Right on 07…the barn door needs a bottom track. Kip doesn’t slam doors. He cringes when I slam the car door, which is what I do when I’m mad. Thanks for the input!! Oh, the outdoor fireplace is an option, but I like the idea.


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