Murdo Girl…Reflecting

I have seen so many tiny houses, park houses, and park cottages in the past few weeks, I can’t get them out of my head. I have seen all of the color schemes, square footage switcharoos and learned that none of the model homes show you what the stripped down version looks like. When we were looking in Rockwall, I asked the salesman which models were built without “options.” He thought for a minute, but nothing came to him. I looked at the left side of the pricing sheet, which showed the standard items, and then the right side with the upgrades. I had what Oprah calls and “ahha” moment.

I could never live in an unadorned tinyparkcottage. I really want an inside bathroom and lights, which means we must order the elite platinum cottage; especially if we absolutely, must have glass in our windows.

I think we’re doing the right thing by opting for the larger, Riverview cottage. Even so, it will be an adjustment. The Riverview is about half the size of the small home we live in now…but its really, really cute. I think it will be fun to embrace a whole new lifestyle. Minimalism is my mantra…I must remember I’m now a minamalist.

This little piece of earth belongs to us now.

I have given this lesser square footage and lack of storage conundrum a lot of thought, and I have all the answers. I will attempt to list them in the order of importance.

Challenge: How will MG resist shopping at the thrift stores. I hear she brings something home nearly every day. Her tiny home will be overcome with handbags and cute tops in no time.


MG’s solution: I was reading the ads in the Lake Area Leader this morning and spotted the schedule for the local Thrift Store. In addition to “Pay by the Pound Friday,” they have “Thursday Trade Day.” I went by there this afternoon and checked it out. You can bring in three items of clothing, that are in good condition, and trade them straight across for another three items. I made an excellent trade today. I’m looking ahead to spring. Between now and then, I can go in on Thursdays and trade three winter things for three spring frocks. Goodwill is really going to miss me. Their prices have been going up, anyway.

Challenge: Will there be enough plugins in a park house for all of my devices?

MG’s solution: I know it’s a problem sometimes in the RV, but remember, you’ve got that adapter thing with eight plugs and it only blew the fuse once. You’ll be fine…what’s next?

Challenge: No desk, no personal computer, no full length mirrors or other good places to take selfie’s.

MG’s solution: ….Well, you will have friends in the neighborhood. They might let you reflect at their house.

Who are these people in my studio? Is that Pearl in my reflection? This is MG’s worst nightmare…

Challenge: That’s enough for tonight!! My tiny brain is tired. We’ve covered the more critical challenges.


Now…where are you going to keep your toothbrush? And your crowns…Where will you keep your toppers and tiaras? Will they go the way of the Beasterhop? He’s in storage isn’t he?

Surely she will get us out of here by Easter?



4 thoughts on “Murdo Girl…Reflecting

  1. grinchy44 February 2, 2018 / 12:55 pm

    Do you have any readers left?


  2. scoper07 February 2, 2018 / 10:18 am

    The TH industry took a lesson from the auto industry didn’t they? You want seat heaters…you have to get the leather interior. You want the V8 engine…you have to get the sports package. You want an ashtray…you have to buy a 1970s or older car!

    Looks like your lot has a lot of trees. Is that an outhouse? That can be handy. Just kidding MG. Now that you are a minimalist do I call you M or do I call you G? Or your lowness?


  3. sanjuan831 February 2, 2018 / 9:03 am

    You are going to need a tiny home to live in and another tiny home, or shed, for bargain stuff you buy or trade. It’s just too much, too much.

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