Murdo Girl…Is she cheating..or is she justified?

In the post I wrote on Saturday, I told you about our plans to see all of the model homes that Recreational Resort Cottages has at their Rockwall, TX location. Our purpose for going was to confirm our decision to purchase the the hybrid tiny home we had decided on, and to see different decorating ideas and upgrades. I also said in the blog that even though we were ready to order the combination Meadow View and Trinica… Sunday in Rockwall could change everything.

The day was beautiful…perfect for walking around and going in and out. Our friends, Ron and Barbara, came with us, which made it more fun. I had looked at the RRC Rockwall website which said there were forty models on the lot. We went through every one of them, and some we saw twice. It took us a little over four hours.

I was right. After we had seen it all, we changed everything. We saw some of the larger Park homes and the extra room appealed to both Kip and me. We wanted to stay true to our original tiny home plan, but we’re fudging a little. The plan we decided on has 604 square feet, which still qualifies as part of the new concept that is rapidly becoming a desired lifestyle of the active senior set. Many, like Kip and me, want to spend a lot of time traveling, but still have a home base…or two. Minimal upkeep, low utility bills, and low taxes are some of the good points. You are also forced to virtually eliminate accumulating things. There is limited space and storage, which makes you look at your belongings in a different way. Having said all of that, we are now leaning towards a few more square feet.

By Monday, we had definitely decided on the bigger Athens Park Home. At 604 sq ft, it would give us a little more room. We need the extra space…not for things… for three dogs and a cat. Unlike most tiny homeowners, we are putting ours on a permanent foundation. Since we own the lot, I doubt we would ever have a need to move our house. If we are able to buy a tiny home in North Carolina, we’ll probably lease a lot in a tiny home community. Kip says we will find a way.

Kip had to go to Athens Monday to get some information at the courthouse, so he stopped to talk to the salesman about the larger home. As luck would have it, they told Kip they are coming out with a new, tiny bit larger model that is still a one bedroom one bath home. They haven’t built the model yet, so I can’t show you what it looks like, but I can show you the floor plan. The covered deck will be 17′ x 10′, which should be big enough for our needs and we won’t have to build a second deck for the side door which will face the backyard. We’ll just need a small stoop with steps for the dogs.

I know what you’re thinking…justify, justify, justify.

We haven’t ordered the “cottage home” yet. The first model will be far enough along by the end of next week for us to have a look at it. The Platinum Cottage factory, where it is being built, is just a couple of miles outside of Athens. I now know different models are built at different factories. The Platinum cottages  are supposedly the best. I’m going to be in AZ from Wednesday through Friday, anyway. The lot deed should be filed tomorrow, so we can start on everything that has to be done in preparation for the house and the RV port Kip is having built.

Meet the Riverview… We’ve made a few adjustments, but I’ll tell you about them in the next post.


Here are some samples of the colors we have picked out. After seeing so many different combinations on Sunday, we changed our minds on several colors and options.

The trim, back-splash, and farmer’s sink

The style of cabinets, but not the color. A movable island like ours will be, but the top will be the same as the counter-top. Our appliances will all be brushed stainless steel. It doesn’t show fingerprints.

We will have beams, a breakfast bar, and a pantry similar to these, but the color will be like the cabinets, baseboards and trim. The color block shown is pretty close, although all of the pictures are showing pretty dark on my laptop.


The wall that’s on the same side as the deck will look like this only quite a bit wider, and the ceiling will be vaulted with beams. This looks like the right trim color. The walls will be very light with a hint of buttercup.

The colors of the outside…the grey sample is the deck flooring, and the roof is copper metal. I can’t show you the style of the outside until we’re able to see the model next week.

I’m packing my hats, so I thought I would show you my latest find.

I think I’ll let Odrum have this one…

3 thoughts on “Murdo Girl…Is she cheating..or is she justified?

  1. lifelessons January 31, 2018 / 10:14 pm

    Congrats at being so much closer to a final decision. I, too, think the extra room was a good idea. Odrum looks great in that hat.


  2. Patti Arnieri January 31, 2018 / 10:00 pm

    The larger floor plan looks much more livable., especially with pets. Good decision! I’m looking forward to seeing you and Bill (and entourage) next week. Jim will be out of town so will miss all the fun.

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    • Mary Francis McNinch February 1, 2018 / 6:46 am

      I’m really looking forward to the gathering. We’ll miss seeing Jim. I bet he hates to miss it!😉


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