Murdo Girl…A birthday bouquet for Sue

Have I told you that we painted, today? Sue wanted to cause it’s her birthday.

“What next?” You might say. (Read really fast, it sounds better that way.)

Not the wall in the hall or the nails on our fingers, it seems long ago, now…but the memory lingers.

I began with a canvas and puddles of paint, not one ounce of talent and void of restraint.

I forged ahead and dalooped my tulips, piled colors on colors and sipped on mint juleps. Not really, but it rhymes. I try to do that when writing poetry, sometimes.

When I finished my flowers I dried them real dry with the heat of a hair dryer turned way up on high.

I wasn’t alone there, no I was invited, along with eight others who were really excited, a cute little dog and a lady to teach us how to paint like Van Gogh and create masterpieces.

I’ve never seen anything like it before. When Sue said, “Let’s do this.” I asked, “What for?” 

“It’s my birthday,” she said. “We will do as I please. My friends will bring crackers and dips with cream cheese. Did you bring me a card or forget it, again? Never mind, let’s have fun! And then…

“We’ll sing happy birthday, and Fran made a cake. We’ll each paint a flowery and leafy keepsake.”

“We will add words of wisdom… hold our canvas up proudly. We’ll stand shoulder to shoulder. Please try not to crowd me…take a bunch of cool pictures before saying goodbye. It’s my best birthday ever!” Sue said with a sigh. 

Sue went from friend to friend and admired their artwork. When she got to me, she gave me a smirk…

She looked at my flowers then smiled, casually, and thanked me for bringing the tasty spiced tea.

My flowers looked wilted and the leaves looked disgraced, but they’ll hang on my wall in a prominant place.

Happy birthday sweet Sue…let’s do this again. 

I can hear all our friends say a hearty, AMEN!

Write AMEN, Lady J!