Murdo Girl…Recovering

We’ve had a lot going on around the tiny home these past few days. The factory called yesterday and said they had a cancellation and could put our siding on. We weren’t scheduled for another two weeks, so that was good news. It looks different and better. It still looks a little like a caboose, though.



Then today, the concrete guy brought his crew over and fixed our driveway. We can’t drive on it for a couple of days, but hey…progress is progress. We are slowly but surely getting there. The next project I hope Kip gets done is the steps. We also turned in our punch list of the things we need fixed. Buying a newly constructed house is not for sissies, even if it is a tiny one.

I love the house. The only thing I have found myself missing is closet space. I don’t have a place to put my broom and my mop, so the time I used one of them, I had to walk all the way out to the brown barn to get it. What do tiny home dwellers do that don’t have a big brown barn? I can’t get over the feeling that we cheated by having that building, but maybe I will feel better when we’ve gotten rid of everything but Kip’s tools and the RV stuff.

The kids have been invited to be here on the 9th to go through all of the mementos and pictures. I sent an email today and I already got one RSVP. I think they’ll come, and we’ll have fun looking through all of the crates of loose pictures, old albums, and framed photographs, but no one will want to take any of them. Someone said that if you must discard something that is really meaningful to you, take a picture of it. I think that is a great idea, and I have already done a lot of that. I’ve been scanning old pictures for the blog for three years. I took a picture of this Queen doll instead of buying her. If she shows up in a story, who will know the difference? I would have done that with my Beasterhops 5000 rabbits ago, but that’s different. I have to set up scenes.


This whole experience has had its pluses and I think in the end, we will be happy we made the move, but it has taken a lot out of Kip and me. We aren’t bouncing back from exhaustion like we normally would. It seems the more tired I am, the less I sleep. Plus…it’s hot already in Texas. On the other hand, we have to keep going and walk the dogs three times a day and we’ve both lost weight.

My goal is to go out and hit golf balls at the age of 98 like Harold Thune. Did you all see the little video his son with a sign outside of Murdo put on FB? Now there is a couple of good guys…


I keep forgetting to tell you about the “thred up” bag I sent with gently used clothes in it? I got $76.00 for them. Since they were mostly from Goodwill or someplace like it, I guess that was a fair amount. I have also donated a lot of things to the Family Resource Center. I go in the back door and out the front, that way I can shop! I rarely buy anything now. I don’t have room for it. I guess that would be the second thing I kind of miss.




4 thoughts on “Murdo Girl…Recovering

  1. scoper07 June 1, 2018 / 6:35 pm

    Well, I guess I will say it…Kip’s tools have got to go! 🙂


    • Mary Francis McNinch June 2, 2018 / 4:00 pm

      Yes…as soon as he’s finished putting this place together 07. Wait for it 🙂


  2. slmret May 31, 2018 / 9:55 pm

    I like the idea of photos of things you get rid of but really don’t want to give them away — will have to do that anyway for tax purposes ~ ~ ~


  3. lifelessons May 31, 2018 / 9:32 pm

    Want an all-expenses paid vacation to my house to clear it out???


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