Murdo Girl…Finding and frying

Mom and Gus, sold their motel in the late seventies and after being tied down for so many years, they were anxious to hit the road and experience new things. They bought a motor home to pull behind their car, put their belongings in storage in Murdo, and came as far as Gillette, Wyoming, where I lived.

Mom and Gus standing by the motor home with their dog Trouble

They rented a spot at the Crazy Woman Camp Ground and settled in. Soon, they met Becky and Charlie, a couple from Maine. Charlie was working on construction and I think Gus did that for a while too when they lived in Gillette. Mom got a little job across the street at the Rock Pile Museum. She loved it!

Mom and Becky were a pair to draw to. Lucy and Ethel would have loved them. One day, one of the other campers staying at the Crazy Woman drove his pick-up truck through the park a little too fast which upset Becky, who was outside hosing down the dirt road. It was so dry, when people like the guy in the truck drove too fast, it kicked up a lot of dust. Becky was upset enough that she aimed her hose at the guys truck. Apparently his window was down and she got him pretty wet. She was pleased with herself thinking he would get the message and slow down.

Later that evening, Charlie was sitting in his favorite chair by the door, reading the paper, while Becky was fixing supper. Suddenly the door opened and all Charlie saw was a bucket of water being dumped on his head. Becky hadn’t put two and two together yet, when Charlie said, “Now what did you do?”

Becky got Mom into clipping coupons and they loved seeing who could find the biggest savings. Mom wasn’t used to shopping with coupons, but Becky was getting her pretty enthused. One day they went shopping for groceries and Mom whipped out a coupon expecting to get a huge discount on the item she was purchasing. The clerk handed it back to her and told her it was “expired.”

Mom was crushed. She said in a very disappointed voice, “What? That was my best one!” I’m sure Becky was embarrassed, being a veteran coupon shopper and all.

I don’t think I have a photograph of Becky and Charlie, but I found this among all the pictures that have been stored in the attic and it made me think of Mom and Becky. Becky made this for Kip and me when we got married.



This needlepoint says “Patience, understanding, love and sympathy, unselfishness, kindness, lots of laughter for a happy marriage.”

I have a feeling I’ll be reminded of other people and stories as we go through all these boxes of memories with some of our kids on Saturday.

Oh…I found this in one of the boxes. I had no idea what it was until Kip told me. I couldn’t believe it. Would you like to take a guess??



I’m frying turkeys, and pies for Saturday and we’ll make homemade ice cream. I’ve never deep fried anything before, so I practiced on a chicken today. It turned out really good and wasn’t at all greasy. The fried appricot pies turned into mush, but I’m not going to give up without one more try.


Cousin Lav said I should blog a cooking show. That could be pretty funny. I’ll call it, “I’ll fry Away.”


3 thoughts on “Murdo Girl…Finding and frying

  1. sanjuan831 June 8, 2018 / 10:50 pm

    I’ll fry away – great title. Glad it’s not a sequel to Grease.
    Are you taking bets on whether or not your kids will take any of that “stuff” tomorrow or should I just bet on Justify?
    Stories about Aunt Loretta and Gus are always winners!

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  2. scoper07 June 7, 2018 / 9:56 pm

    I know exactly what the object is. It is a pore unclogger!

    Fried chicken-yum. Hope you enjoy your reminiscing.

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    • Mary Francis McNinch June 7, 2018 / 10:13 pm

      Hi 07! The judges will accept your answer. Kip called it a blackheads squeezer. I’m frying up some healthy turkey breast tomorrow 🙂

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