Murdo Girl…Are you nuts?

Yram wakes up early Saturday morning and decides to walk uptown to get a cup of coffee before the book club meets. She hasn’t read the book yet, but something tells her it most likely won’t be an issue. She notices the town is pretty quiet. In fact, it’s downright silent…almost eerie. “Where is everybody?” Yram wonders. She has walked almost a block when she wearily sits down on the court house steps. (The book club meets in the court house.) Suddenly, she hears a click, click, click, click (4 clicks). Upon further investigation she decides it’s coming from north of her in the direction of Main Street. Tentatively, Yram gets up and walks toward the clicking sound. Her heart is beating and her pulse is pounding. (Or is it the other way around?)

Before she can see where the clicking is coming from, she hears a loud roar. Well, not really a roar. It sounds more like a truck engine that’s choking on something.

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As she walks toward the click and the choking, the subjects of the noise come into view. It’s Lav on a horse and behind her is KK driving a flatbed, and on the flatbed are Windy Lindy and Airy sitting in their broken down airplane.

“wouldn’t it be easier to walk than to sit in your broken down airplane that’s riding on a choking truck?”

Yram looks at Lav and says, “Why are you riding a horse, Lav and where are you going? The book Club meets in five or ten.”

“We’re going on a hay ride,” Lav says. “There won’t be anyone at the book club meeting, Yram. Every letter of the alphabet, even all of the Ha Ha’s are going on the hay ride.”


“You’ve heard of the Ya Ya sisterhood?…We’re the Ha Ha Sisterhood.”

“We’re all going to the funny farm,” says the Ha Ha Sisterhood.

“Willingly?” Yram asks.

“Yes,” says PG. “Right now we’re trying to round up some Murdoites. AI is meeting us at the nut house.”

“The nut house?” Yram asks. “You’re kidding, right?”

“We wouldn’t kid you,” yells Windy Lindy. “The nut house is at the funny farm. Now let’s get going. I don’t like flying so close to the ground.”


“Flying on the ground is spooky, I think,” says Airy Heart. “I sure hope we get our airplane running again. I sure would hate it if I had to change my name. I like being Airy. My name used to be Bleeding Heart. I fainted all the time then.”


We live on the funny farm, but we’re moving. It’s just getting too crazy.

“I made a pineapple upside down cake,” says Patty Cake.

“Perfect,” says Yram. “We’ll all go to the nut house at the funny farm and ride around on hay while we eat upside down cake with the Ha Ha Sisterhood. Sounds like a blast!”


Back when I was a kid growing up in Murdo, I used to ride my skateboard down the court house hill. Times sure have changed. I wonder where all of the Murdo people are today? Probably hiding…










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  1. lifelessons July 7, 2018 / 8:58 pm

    This one is hiding out in Mexico.


    • Mary Francis McNinch July 7, 2018 / 10:07 pm

      How do you spell choking? I’m going to hide out in Galveston next week.


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