Murdo Girl…Who ya gonna call?

Back to the Ha Ha House…Moving to the fixer upper that “J” found for the sisterhood has not been without challenges. Let’s look in as the girls arrive and begin to relax and settle in.

Lav: Hey Yram…you wanna know what I think?

Yram: Please try not to think, Lav. It’s your fault we live in a haunted house that no self-respecting ghost will live in! 

Lav: Really? How embarrasing is that? Do all the Ha Ha girls know we live in an unhaunted house? 

Yram: No…and you’re not going to tell them! It’s bad enough this place is falling down around us, but we were all counting on checking out the ghosts.

Lav: I won’t tell…mummy’s the word!

Meanwhile, A I who was overevesdropping outside the window, recognizes the dilemma and beings she’s an Aggressive Informant, decides to ghost hunt…

A I: Jeez…how good are you two at haunting?

Dog: Haunting? Woof! I thought you said hunting!

Phsycotic ghost: I’m feeling faint.

Meanwhile, in the unhaunted garden.

Windy Lindy: Hi there! I’m looking for Airy. We heard this lovely haunted house isn’t haunted so we came out here to see if we could dig up some ghosts. Now I can’t find Airy. Jeez…maybe a ghost got her.

Voice: Hey Girlie! I saw your friend earlier. She seems a little flighty.

Windy looks around, but sees nobody.

Voice: Don’t bother looking. You can’t see me. I just came back to check on my property. I was hoping some ghosts had moved  in. The place was too drafty for me, so I busted out and moved to a condo in Florida. 

Windy: Yay a ghost! Airy Heart and I are pilots. Our airplane is in the shop. We’re waiting for the parts to get here so we can wing it again. 

Florida is full of blue hairs. It must be getting overly haunted by now. Why don’t you come back here? This story won’t go anywhere if we live in a spooky house without spooks. Although, things might pick up when the Ha Ha Sisterhood starts telling their divine secrets.

Voice: Secrets? I’m in. 

Meanwhile (again)…most of the Ha Ha (s) have arrived and a few of them are currently meeting in the parlor to discuss plans to fix up the fixer upper.

J: This place was a steal! Funny…I didn’t notice the hole in the roof when I stole it! Is that a dog on the couch or am I seeing things?

Pattycake:  No worries about the roof, J. It’s not raining. I don’t see a dog on the couch.

Airy: The hole will make for easy take offs and landings when our airplane gets fixed. I don’t see a dog on the couch, either. When can I tell my divine secret?


Voice:(sinisterly) Ha Ha Ha this is MY house and I have a secret! Ha Ha Ha! It’s going to send them all running!! That’s my dog on the couch. His name is Duke.

Have you ever wondered why hats became popular among Queens?  You’ll know why when I tell my bone chilling story.

Moderator: Now it’s getting verrry interesting

KK: I’m bored…and hot! I wish I had a dog.

PG: We’re hiding from the dog that isn’t on the couch. 

Secret time…All meet in the living room. (Ghosts don’t like living rooms.) We’ll go in alphabetical order. Where is A I?

I’m not going…not even for a bone chilling story. Do I look stupid?

3 thoughts on “Murdo Girl…Who ya gonna call?

  1. sanjuan831 July 21, 2018 / 10:59 pm

    I wish we would meet a contractor ghost. We need to fix up this cannot-possibly-be-a-fixer-upper unhaunted wreck! Yram, get out of bed.


  2. countrygirl57 July 21, 2018 / 8:37 pm

    Lots of chuckles tonight 😄😄😄!!

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