Murdo Girl…A HaHa Parade

The HaHa Sisterhood is currently visiting Pierre, South Dakota. MG won the trip and took all of her HaHa sisters with her. It turns out Windy Lindy Bergh has a twin sister who is the sitting Gov of Pierre. 

Anyway, YO Gov, decided she would put on a big citywide parade. The HaHa’s are all lining up now to traverse down Main Street.

MG: Hey Lav, Have you seen Gus and Billy? We have some bills to pay around here.

Lav: Yeah…They said they were going to Ft. Pierre and see where the cowboys drink their pop.


MG: Well, we can’t wait for them. It’s time to get this show on the road.

Queen, Gov, Queen


Next we have Miss Airy Heart. She had to take her rental biplane back to Enterskies, so she decided to uh, ride in a convertible of sorts.

Airy: Hi, I’m Airy and I designed my ride myself…when I was in kindergarten.


Next we have PG who is riding with Queen E. and Prince Charles. I tell you what! You can’t turn around without running into a Queen these days.


Hey PG! Have you seen AI?

PG: Yeah…I just saw her run a red light down on Main Street. I hope she didn’t cause an accident.


UhOh…what do we have here? KK must have been in a little CC car crash with the PP Pierre Police. Bummer! I wonder who they ran into…looks like a multiple CC with a red truck.


Were is Pattycake and all the rest of the HaHa’s?



Where are Windy and Pearl?

Pattycake: Look up! They are flying over the beautiful Oahe Dam in Ft. Pierre. I sure hope Pearl doesn’t fall out on her head! I guess if she lands on her pom pom, she’ll be okay.


After the parade, we’re all going PDQ over to KK’s house for BBQ.

Arf: Arf! Arf!