Murdo Girl…Clues to use

Don’t get too discouraged. My clues will save the day. The answer to this puzzle is just one click away.

Tim Click was in a boat trying to get to shore. He went around in circles cause he only had one oar.

Slim Click was on the dock. He fell off and hit his head, got tangled in the seaweed and later turned up dead.

Jim Click tried to help them but he couldn’t swim. He couldn’t find Tim’s oar or save his brother Slim.

The Clicks lived near the swimming dam that sister Friday called the pond. Jim went home to get her, but she was already gone.

The phone rang and Jim answered. The caller said, “I’m W Spade. I have your sister, Friday, and there’s a deal here to be made.) He said, “I need some money. $500 smackaroos will do. Bring it to the basement and I’ll give Friday back to you.”

Jim thought about it some and called the cops instead. When they got to the house. They found that Jim was dead. To add a twist to the story and give reason here to pause, Jim wasn’t killed by anyone. He died of a natural cause.

So far, no one’s been murdered, but Jim and Slim are toast. Tim Click rows in circles. Friday Click’s tied to a post.

What does W Spade et al have to do with all of this? Who called and told three people his name was never his?

Answer those two questions and this mystery will be solved. There was a crime commited, but no murder was involved.