Murdo Girl…Mystery solved

W Spade came to town hoping to spend some quality time with his daughter, MG and niece, Lav. A strange turn of events got them all involved in the Click Case.

We knew from the beginning that W Spade wasn’t MG’s Dad and Lav’s Uncle Bill’s real name. At first, he was just going to teach MG to drive the El Camino, but thought better if it. He quickly realized MG and Lav weren’t the sharpest knives in the drawer when they were confused by the phone calls telling them what they already knew. W Spade was really MG’s dad and Lav’s Uncle Bill. He just happened to have gum on his shoes.

Along came the three Click brothers and their sister, Friday. They were part of one of the bad Clicks that every town has. They were really struggling financially due to the seaweed problem in their swimming dam, the loss of an oar, and the increasing cost of Friday’s hats. They saw the shiny El Camino and extortion came to mind.

The police came up with the idea to preemptively get MG’s dad to call Jim and ask him for $500.00 to free Friday which confused Jim Click. He became stressed because now he needed $1000 smackaroos which caused him to die from a natural cause of some kind. (Most Clicks lead an unhealthy lifestyle.)

The bad Clicks left town, but Friday redeemed herself by heading up a community effort to build a public swimming pool. The town buried the basement, though if you drive by slowly, you can still pick up the scent of a stale cigar. MG and Lav were very grateful the washer and dryer were buried with the basement.

Mystery solved…oh, Dad, (aka Uncle Bill) and Berferd were last seen headed west in the El Camino. They got word that MG and Lav wanted to ride in some parade seated on the back of a red convertible and wanted no part of that. They did, however miss the rhunarb shakes they had grown so fond of.

Now…can I write an exciting yet intriguing mystery or what?

One thought on “Murdo Girl…Mystery solved

  1. sanjuan831 July 1, 2019 / 5:38 pm

    Yes, you can write an exciting and intriguing mystery and solve it in an entertaining method. Thank you, MG!
    Fascinating how that bird holds the oars. That’s a mystery, too.


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