Murdo Girl…On the road…The Queens and the commoners

rerun of a Queen tour Queen Lav and I made a couple of years ago…

Murdo Girl

20161026_090620A rerun from our Queen tour a couple of years ago…

Val and I wanted to show you a typical day in the life of a Queen. It’s not always about crowns and red convertibles. Sometimes we have to participate in the same activities as you commoners. We do however feel compelled to wear our crowns whenever possible. We are Queens..and Queens have to do what Queens have to do.

wp-1477545998628.jpgGus wanted to show off his royal family to friends attending one of the Ontario Senior Center’s exercise classes. Gus is working out behind Queen Lav.

20161026_091228-1In this photo you can see others in the class looking at us. We tried not to be too much of a distraction, but of course that proved to be impossible. 

20161026_114843We really worked up a sweat during the facial exercises. If you do these, be sure and follow-up with some facial stretches. Otherwise…

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