Murdo Girl…It happens every year

It happens every year and shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Autumn disappears like Thanksgiving’s pumpkin pies.

The orange and yellow colors of fall’s gobbledygook…

Turn into red and green scenes everywhere I look.

I put my old fake tree up and start to decorate…

There’s no time to find a new one. I’m already two weeks late.

I think about the days ahead and the gifts I need to find…

I start a list of tasks and it boggles up my mind.

Like the three wise men, I must travel near and far.

An Angel gave them great news, and they were guided by a star.

I have my car and GPS…this day should be fantastic

My list of names is pretty long. I’m thankful God made plastic.

Things have changed since Jesus’ birth…that I know for sure.

Not one person on my list wants frankincense and myrrh.

When daylight turns to darkness, I’m still shopping at the mall…

I’m going back to the first place I saw the ‘wanted’ doll.

Though I didn’t finish buying gifts, I did get quite a few.

I really should stop buying one for me and one for you.

It happens every year and shouldn’t come as a surprise

Something gets my attention and I begin to realize…

Instead of looking down at all the earthly things I do…

I look up toward the heavens and take in the beautiful view.

The wise men saw the same stars two thousand years ago…

They brought gifts to baby Jesus, because they loved him so.

I’ll finish up my shopping with my lesson from above.

You can find the perfect gift when your heart is filled with love.