Murdo Girl…The tea room

Here I am, once again, headed for the tea room.

I’m driving fast ’cause if I’m late, I know there might not be room.

Each month we have a birthday lunch, we laugh and eat our fill.

We made the climb and now it’s time to embrace “over the hill.”

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I hear a noise and see a light…behind me is a cop.

It’s the same one I saw last month. This time I guess I’ll stop.

I roll my window down and he takes my driver’s license.

He saw me speeding last month and he said at least  twice since.

He was rather rude when he said my license wasn’t valid.

I wondered… should I call ahead and order chicken salad?

I’m getting really nervous now. I see Linda from afar.

I’m sure she must be speeding in her convertible Jaguar.

The cop gives me a warning. I drive as fast as I’m allowed.

When I turn right onto Main Street I can see there’s quite a crowd.

I’ll think of a good reason when the girls ask why I’m tardy.

I’m usually the first one there… for every birthday party.

I find a place to sit and say I can’t have more caffeine.

I had four cups this morning with the guys at Dairy Queen.

Dairy Queen
For those who don’t live here, all the ranchers meet at Dairy Queen for coffee.