Murdo Girl…No more “uh oh’s”

It’s been thirteen months and finally, we dusted off the old RV, hooked up the jeep and loaded up, caught the cat, each grabbed a pup.

We found our list and checked it twice. I told Kip to check his thrice. Galveston’s our destination. I can’t believe we’re on vacation. With 210 miles to go, I heard Kip say the first “Uh Oh.”

We turned around to go back home. It seems no matter where we roam; no matter how we look about, we forget what we can’t live without.

We tried to get an early start. It took us longer to depart. Turning around’s no easy chore. It took us thirty minutes more.

The next “Uh Oh” did no harm for it was just a false alarm. If true it would have been rotten. Kip thought his phone he had forgotten.

He said, “Uh Oh,” the RV slowed. The ducks were trying to cross the road.

I’ve yet to say my first “Uh Oh,” but we have lots of miles to go.