Murdo Girl…Hsomething moves in

Well, it’s all set! Essie/Ellie, her mother, Hilda, and their dog, Mouse are moving into the rooms above Sanderson’s Store. Except for the cat room, which is used for storage, that pretty much fills up the place. Hilda cleans rooms at a local motel in the mornings and also helps out part-time at Mack’s Cafe across the street. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out.


“Now what did you say your mother’s name is, Essie?” (Pearl has never heard a name she can’t forget, which is why she named her dog Pearl.)

“My mom’s name is Hilda. She’ll be here when she’s finished cleaning rooms at the motel. Are you going to give Mom a long list of chores like you did me, Pearl?”

“Heaven’s no! That woman, uh, Hsomething, works hard enough. I’m thinking the more people we have walking up and down those stairs, the easier it will be to let Pearl the dog and Varmint in and out.”

“His name is Mouse. Is your yoga instructor coming this morning, Pearl?”

“Land Sakes, look at the time. Will you help me struggle into my leotard, Essie? That’s a pretty good workout right there!”

The instructor, “You’re never too old to rock and roll.”

“Pearl, Grace, Mom is here.”

When Hsomething arrives at her new home above Sanderson’s Store, she meets Pearl and Grace for the first time. Grace speaks first.

“Welcome, Hilda…say, haven’t I seen you in a commercial on TV? I’m sure I saw you in an advertisement for Gerital. I was watching “I’ve got a secret.” Does that Gerital work? I don’t know if I’ve got iron poor blood. Does it come in a cream? I like creams.

“What kind of a name is Mouse?”

“What kind of a name is Pearl the dog?”