Murdo Girl…Change of plans

It appears we have come full circle. The bingo idea turned out to be a bingo bust. The savvy bingo players weren’t very forgiving and after receiving cheaper than dirt prizes at Pearl’s place, they left. No one was too hopeful they would be back.


Pearl: I refuse to let this temporary set-back get me down. I’ve got a HUGE barn and there has to be some way I can turn it into a money making investment. Now…Who has a good idea?


Grace: Well, everyone seemed to enjoy my baked goods. I forgot to push the hot dogs, so we have a freezer full of those. I’m sure they’ll keep until the fourth of July. Hot dogs and the fourth of July are just like America and Apple Pie. Only it’s different.

Pearl: Close your pie-hole, Grace…Sorry, please close your pie hole. Does anyone else have any clever ideas?

Pearl the dog and Mouse have gone into the living room to watch Lassie.


Ellie/Essie: We could make a skating rink out of it. Do you know how to skate, Pearl?


Pearl: Hsomething… You don’t say much do you?

Isn’t there an idea or two rolling around that pretty head of yours?

Hilda: (The name Pearl can’t remember)…Can I speak truth to power, Pearl?

Pearl: Are you asking me?

Hilda: I’m glad you asked. I have done some feasibility studies on your barn. Allow me to show you my analysis. It considers the relevant factors, including economic, technical, and legal, etc. I have converted them all to generalized flow charts. I used these to ascertain if a business will succeed or fail.


Pearl: I can’t wait to see what you ascertained, Hsomething.

Hilda: The business most likely to succeed in your barn conversion, is (drum roll, please) Pearl’s Fashion House/ Runway/farm.

Pearl: Far be it from me to question an analysis based on relevant factors converted to generalized flow charts. What do we do first, Hsomething?


Hilda: We need to get all of those bingo tables out, put a runway in for the runway models, find a fashion icon that wants to have a show here, advertise, and get some farm animals, like goats, chickens, cows, and sheep.

Pearl: I like to delegate. Essie, you find us some farm animals and some hay. Farm animals like hay.

Grace… call Queen E. and tell her we need her to come across the pond ASAP. Maybe she can get those two crazy pilots to bring her…and tell her to bring a lot of hats, and maybe a few crowns.


Grace: Land sakes! this is going to be a lot more fun than Bingo. I never did really catch on to that game. I like Clue and Rummy. Remember that time we popped popcorn and played games because there wasn’t anything good on TV?…

Pearl: Does anyone have any questions? Never mind. Don’t answer that. Let’s all meet out at Pearl’s Fashion house/ Runway/Farm in about two hours…and wear something nice.

Mouse: Well, the farm animals could be interesting. What do you think, Pearl the dog?

Pearl the Dog: I just hope Queen E. doesn’t bring those Corgis. We have enough dogs around here.


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  1. sanjuan831 March 4, 2020 / 10:22 am

    What a combo, fashion and animals. Too funny. Thanks for a big laugh, MG!


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