Murdo Girl …Fashionable livestock

Well the girls at Pearl’s Fashion House/Runway/Farm don’t let any hay grow under their feet. They are already planning a fashion show followed by a square dance. I guess you could call the place a halfway barn. Let’s take a look and see how they’re doing.


Grace: Pearl, do you want me to get all of those hot dogs out of the freezer? We can sell them at the square dance. I don’t think I’ll make any chocolate cake, though. I think I’ll bake some peanut butter cookies. I’ll need to buy some peanut butter. Do you like creamy or chunky?

Pearl: What? I don’t care. I’ve got bigger fish to fry.

Grace: I don’t think fish and peanut butter cookies go together. We better not serve hot dogs, either.

Pearl: What? I meant there are many decisions to be made and much planning to be done. I like to delegate. I’ll need some time to buy my outfit.


Grace, you seem to have the food under control. Get a couple of bags of ice, too. We’ll serve some kind of drinks.

Grace: I know! I’ll see if Llama Mama has some fresh honey. I’ll make tea with honey and lemon.


Bee Keeper/Aunt farmer and part time Llama Mama.

Ladies in Waiting: When does this thing start? What is this thing anyway? Where are we and why? Why are we wearing sunglasses?

Lav: Don’t you know a fashion barn/runway/farm when you see one?


Airy and Windy: I’m sure glad I brought my air cigarettes. This place is making me nuts. I know! These people are a pain in the neck!


Queen E: I brought horses for the barn farm.


Annie: Whose driving, You or me?


Pearl: Something is missing.
Grace: I’m confused

Hilda: Is anyone having a birthday?