Murdo Girl…Happy Birthday Mom

One hundred years ago today someone special did arrive.

They thought she’d be the last child born as she was number five.

Her father called her Babe, then another joined the mix.

Six years later came a big surprise… baby number six.

She went to country school where all the kids sat side by side.

Let’s just say that when she moved not one classmate cried.

Moving on with this story you’ll agree won’t be a crime.

To cover all one hundred years would take all of your  time.

Though her personality can never be adequately defined,

This woman whom I’m speaking of was truly one of a kind.

From bold and beautiful to successful entrepreneur.

She was courageous and confident and not at all demure.

Mischievous, sometimes cantankerous, horse race enthusiast,

She was the hootiest. 

Her two offspring and her husband, Gus, still miss her every day,

And we’re remembering her on this… her one hundredth Birthday.

1-Loretta Gustafson's Life in Photos 017-001