Murdo Girl…Six steps

The next morning…

Jamie was so worried about telling Brad about her conversation with Tom that once again, sleep escaped her. She arrived at the ranch a little after seven, hoping to have a few minutes for one of Alice’s delicious cups of coffee before encountering Brad.

What she found was a house full of anticipation and excitement. Everyone including Katie was up and having breakfast at the huge table in the kitchen. Alice, Helen and Miss Bessie were all cooking and serving. Dina and Steve were sitting on either side of Katie, who had a big, but slightly nervous smile on her face. Mark was even there and Brad was seated at the table as well. Arf was lying on the floor beside Katie.

“Wow! I didn’t know all of you had missed me so much. I feel really honored that everyone got up so early to greet me…and just look at that breakfast. Seriously, I hope there’s room for one more!”

“I’m glad you’re here, Aunt Jamie,” Katie said. “After breakfast, Arf and I are going to show you something you’re really going to like. Can you stay? Please!!”

“I have to be at the clinic by ten, but if that’s time enough, I wouldn’t miss your surprise for the world.” Jamie decided this morning would not be the best time to approach Brad. It would just have to wait.

After breakfast everyone went to the great room. Katie told everybody to please take their seats. When the room had quieted down, she began to speak from her heart. The whole time she spoke, her hand was resting on top of the head of a very proud and pleased Arf.


“Arf and I have worked so hard and now we get to show you what we can do, but before we get started, I want to tell you something.” Katie was speaking to everyone, but her eyes were on her mother.

“When I first got to the research hospital, I was really afraid I wouldn’t be able to learn what everyone thought I could. Then Daddy brought you, Mommy and I was even more afraid that I would disappoint you. You see, I dreamed about you all of the time, and in my dreams when I was with you, I could walk. I never had to use this wheelchair. Then one day, Sam had a talk with me. He told me that I had a guardian angel and she had written something just for me. He helped me read it, and he told me to read it every day.”

Katie held a worn letter in her hand and she began to read from it. It was pretty obvious to everyone watching that she had memorized every word. They understood that the letter had been a lifeline for her these last few months. Instead of reading it, Katie talked about what it meant to her.

“My guardian angel said that she could tell I was confused or afraid of something. She said that maybe I didn’t want to make a big life-changing decision and even though I knew trying to learn to walk was what was best for me, I hadn’t been able to make the decision to try my best. She said I had to decide to believe in myself and my abilities no matter how afraid I was. She said that I must believe in the power of my protector in heaven and know that he had given me Arf. She told me there were six things that would help me through it all…

  • Having a peaceful heart
  • Love for my family
  • The love of my family who would always be there no matter what…
  • Appreciation for my new home and the wonderful life I have been given
  • Trust in myself and Arf.
  • And most of all, belief in my protector in heaven who had given me a special friend named, Arf, who loves me unconditionally and is eager to help me to be my very best.

She said she was my guardian angel and she knew if I kept my mind focused on those six things, that I was going to be okay.”

(It is in our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light…)

Everyone in the room was spellbound. They couldn’t believe that this little girl, who had been through so much, had garnered so much strength and wisdom.

“Mommy, I’m so sorry I thought you left me last night. It makes me really sad when I make you sad. I love you so much and I’m going to try really hard to do better. I have the best Daddy in the whole world and I believe in what my angel told me.

Come here Arf. I want to take you for a walk.”

Steve was the only one in the room who had seen Katie and Arf perform their magic. Even so, he was mesmerized along with everyone else. He knew he and Dina, as well as all the others who loved little Katie, would be forever grateful to her heavenly protector who had given her such a wise guardian angel and a wonderful and caring physical therapist named Sam.

Their hearts were filled with joy as they watched Katie with the help of her amazing dog, Arf, take six beautiful steps.

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    Keep walking the dog. They deserve our love. Good six points.

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