Murdo Girl…Cottage fever

An Arf story is in the works, but I was too tired to write last night, and I was too tired to get up early enough this morning. In the meantime, I want to show you a few pictures. The first is a tiny glimpse of the sun setting on the lake. I took it from the porch of our tiny home. We now have a tiny home, a little cottage and a home on wheels. Even with three dogs and a cat, I think we’re good.

wp-1590804046533318350365089051146.jpgI found the cute little hand painted desk below on the Facebook Marketplace site. I’m back to moving things around and hoping I don’t have to remove something else. I don’t want to make the little cottage look or feel too crowded.

wp-15908039591133370634503788608864.jpg20200529_200307I’ve since moved it to the left a couple of inches and will see if I have room to put some of my hats back on the side of the storage cabinet. If not, I’ll hang them somewhere else.

Not finished with this thought, yet…I’m challenged by the fact that all of my electrical outlets are in one corner, and I have lots of things to plug in…(fireplace, air conditioner, lamp, computer, future CD player, etc.)


Kip has finished replacing the trim, and today, we’re going to power wash the siding. He is going to start working on the deck in the next few days while I start painting. Pretty exciting. The rain is even supposed to hold off for a while.

20200529_082025It was a busy day, yesterday, but a fun one. I got to have lunch at a friend’s house with two other friends that I haven’t spent much time with recently do to social distancing and the fact that people are most comfortable staying at home. It’s even a special treat to make a trip to the vet.


***Watch for an Arf story to be posted later today. That little dog has developed quite a following and I don’t want to disappoint…