Murdo Girl…Arf and Annie take a trip

Alice, the cook/housekeeper hadn’t felt like herself for a while so she decided to take some extended time off. That left running the house to poor Grandma Helen and Miss Bessie. (Except for the couple of days a week that Miss Bessie worked at the General Store in town.)

The morning after the party, both ladies were up early to finish cleaning up the kitchen and prepare breakfast.

“Well?” Do you know anything about what happened after Brad and his sister and brother went to his study?” Miss B asked. “They were still in there when I couldn’t stay awake a minute longer and went to bed.”

“They were all still in the study when I went to bed, too. I think Jamie was a little disappointed that Brad didn’t come out to say goodbye to her. She wanted to take Arf and Annie home with her, but they’re supposed to go to the hospice where Dina worked and to a nursing home, today.”

“Wasn’t the little recital Katie and Arf put on just precious? You must be so proud of your granddaughter, Helen. she and Arf have worked hard and it’s paying off.”

“Now…how are we going to find out the whole story about what happened last night?”

Miss Bessie almost swallowed her tongue when she saw Brad walk in.

“Is the coffee ready ladies? Do we have one of those cups that I can take with me? I have a lot of ground to cover today.”

Grandma Helen found a cup and poured coffee into it. Brad thanked her and walked out the kitchen door. The two “ladies” peeked through the curtain and saw him get into his truck. He hadn’t given them one clue as to where he was going. It was only a couple of minutes before their next victim walked in.

“Good morning Mark,” Miss Bessie ran to get his coffee. “Here you go, honey. Just the way you like it…Say, Helen and I are about to fix breakfast and we’re wondering how many people are going to be here to eat it.”

“Yes..Helen butted in. Brad just left in his truck. He was all by himself. Does that mean that his sister and brother and Glorified Gloria are still here?”

“I don’t know. All I know is that Steve, Dina, and Katie, already left with Arf and Annie. They’re going to see sickly people somewhere. Are you going to really fix my breakfast this time, Miss B or are you going to bail on me like the day you got your big head egg or egg head job at the General Store?”

“I swear Mark…You’re going to be the death of me. Do you want your eggs over hard like your head?”

***Dina got an SUV and Annie and I rode in the back of it all the way to the place where the sick people are. Katie rode in the seat just ahead of us, and Steve and Dina were in the front because Steve was driving.

When we finally got to the place, we had to wear a leash. I understood because I’ve been places where dogs don’t behave and they trip people who are trying to walk around. I sure hope Annie understands. I’ll tell you right now, no dog likes to wear a leash. It looks like everyone here is in bed.

&&& I heard that, Arf…I understand about the leash and I don’t like it either. Why is everyone here in bed? It’s almost bone time isn’t it?

“Hi Mr. Peterson…do you remember me? I’m Dina. I worked here for a long time. I’m so happy to see you looking so well.”

Mr. Peterson looked confused. It had been a while and he had been used to seeing Dina in her work uniform.

Arf figured out what was going on and intervened.

***The man in bed looked sad to me. I walked between Dina and the bed and over to where Katie was sitting in her wheelchair. I put my paw up for the signal. It was time for us to do our recital for these people. I told Annie in dog talk that we needed her to sing (whine) softly….real softly, while we danced.


Katie stood and put one hand on my head and took my paw with the other. Then she started doing her ballerina moves. She couldn’t get up on her toes, but she was very graceful.

People who were asleep woke up and people who were already awake were smiling at the little ballerina and her dog (me). We gave them our very best performance. When we were finished, everyone clapped and wanted to pet Annie and me.

We did the same thing at the nursing home we went to and the same thing happened. We’re going to have to learn another routine because everyone wants us to come back. I liked those people I met today, and I’d like to get to know them better. I just hope I don’t have to wear these ballerina slippers all the time.


After we did all of our dancing, Steve and Dina took us to the park where we found her when we were looking for her. Annie and I chased squirrels, and Steve threw the frisbee to us. It was the best day ever because I got to spend it with Katie and Annie.