Murdo Girl…Brad Talks

***I only partially faked being sick. A broken heart counts, right? Annie didn’t want to go live with Barbie and Gloria and I sure didn’t want her to go. It wasn’t like we were being mean to Barbie. She wasn’t attached, yet. It hadn’t been long enough and Brad said he was going to get her another dog. Who ever heard of a ranch with only one dog, anyway? I wouldn’t even mind if we had a cat or two…wait! what am I saying? no cats. There are cats over at Jamie’s farm and we never have made friends.

Alf and cats



Gloria had spent over half of her life taking care of Barbie. She had assumed that it would always be that way. She would always be Barbie’s companion.

Over the years, Brad had, for the most part, left Barbie and Gloria to their own little life in the beautiful little bungalow. Gloria had been with Barbie since the day she came home from the hospital where she spent five years having multiple surgeries between long stretches of healing. Her beautiful eyes would never see again, but that was a small price to pay. She might not look as she had before the fire, but she was indeed beautiful.

In Gloria’s opinion, Brad had become a little pushy as of late. He wanted Barbie to get out more and do things with the hodgepodge of people he had living on that magnificent ranch of his. Gloria couldn’t believe that she had agreed to spend the night there. And then there was the younger brother, Tom. Apparently he had just become a part of the fold, too. Gloria had more to learn, but she was determined that her life with Barbie would not change. They had always managed on their own and she, Gloria, was the only one Barbie needed to care for her.


Brad and Jamie were in Brad’s study. They were both looking out the window Arf liked to sit by and watch the squirrels run up and down the trees.

“What do you want to talk to me about, Brad?” Jamie asked. She truly did not know what she expected him to say, but she was willing to listen.

“Let’s sit over here,” Brad said. He took Jamie’s hand and led her to one of the overstuffed chairs near the fireplace. When she was seated, he pulled the other, matching chair close to hers and sat down facing her.


“Please bear with me here, Jamie. I want to say this in the right way. I don’t want to feel awkward about it. Do you know what I mean?”

Although she didn’t have the slightest idea what he meant she nodded just to keep the conversation moving forward.

Brad grinned and started over. “In case you haven’t noticed, I’m crazy about you and I don’t want you to go anywhere. The problem is that I don’t know what you want. You’re the one with all of the big life decisions ahead of you.”

Jamie took a deep breath and let it out. “I’m pretty crazy about you too, Brad. I didn’t think you felt the same way. In case you didn’t know it, you send mixed messages sometimes.”

Brad grinned again and nodded.

“I’m sorry, Jamie. I never meant to confuse you. Life has been pretty wild recently hasn’t it? Maybe that has something to do with it.”

“I’m off work again tomorrow,” Jamie said. “Do you have a busy day planned? I was thinking it might be nice to spend the day together…just the two of us. We could go for a horseback ride and take a picnic lunch with us.”

“I would like nothing better. If you can get here by nine in the morning, I’ll have the horses saddled up and ready to go. I’m sure one of the ladies would be happy to fix us a picnic lunch.”

Brad leaned over and took Jamie’s hand in his. “I hope you decide to complete your internship and do whatever else you have to do to become a Veterinarian. I’ve watched you with the animals and I know you love working at the clinic. You’re a very caring and compassionate person, Jamie, not to mention you’re extremely smart and talented.”

Jamie couldn’t believe Brad was actually saying these things to her. It was truly music to her ears.



&&& Here I am back at the ranch. I’m happy to be away from Gloria, but I really did like Barbie. I don’t think she knows that Gloria isn’t as nice as she makes out to be. I know she doesn’t want Barbie to have anything to do with us. She wants her all to herself. If you ask me, she’s really nervous and she’s playing tricks on Barbie. Gloria didn’t want Barbie to get attached to me, either. Arf is helping Katie this morning. She’s balancing really well now and Arf is helping her to walk longer distances. Everyone says Katie has really come a long way. I wish I had a job like Arf does. He’s a therapy dog.



“Annie! Annie! come here Annie… I need you. I have a job for you.”