Murdo Girl…Catching up with Queen E.

Some of you newer readers don’t know that over the years, Queen Elizabeth has become a big Murdo Girl blog favorite. She was part of the Brick House gang and on several occasions, has flown across the pond with Windy Berg and Airy Heart just to spend time with us. On many of those times together, we have critiqued her attire (or made rude comments…whatever you want to call it.)

Below, is just one person’s opinion of some of Queen E’s faves. Several pictures are just one person’s opinion of what a snapshot in the life of a Queen looks like…

Let’s face it. We all have challenges raising our little princes.

“Charles! Caugh into your elbow. Where is your mask? Do you call this six feet? You wear me out, Charles!!”

I hope Philip doesn’t notice I took his throw from the couch. It’s always colder than a nude Nellie’s navel on a November night in Norway in here.


Excuse me…Have you seen my husband? He’s wearing a red coat and an adorable Captain Jack Tricorn hat.


Someone sat on my hat and squished it. Next thing I know, it’s the new rage…I’m stylin’

Not even close, Cam…


Is that a giant squid?

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Before cataract surgery…or…Come on Mom, King me!

This is my sunrise/sunset dress.

I learned how to make bows and it changed my life…

***I hope everyone had a great Father’s Day weekend!