Murdo Girl…Getting to know Annie

&&& I heard someone call my name. They said they had a job for me, so I went to the kitchen where I knew the caller had to be. It turned out to be Grandma Helen. She’s the red-headed lady. She doesn’t act really eccentric or anything, but her hair is well…frightening.


“Annie, do you know how to bring sacks of groceries from the car to the house? Judging by the way you’re looking at me, I think not. Well, it’s time you learned. Everyone including dogs will have a job. That’s the rule around here. I know it’s true because I just made it a rule.”

&&& I hadn’t had enough direct contact with Katie’s grandma to know where she was coming from so I just sat there and waited for more clues to come my way.

“Come with me, Annie. I’ll show you.” Grandma Helen walked out to the car and opened the trunk. “Come on Annie, it’s easy. These are cloth bags with handles. See you can grab the handle with your teeth and take each bag into the kitchen where I’ll be waiting to lift it up to the counter and put everything away.”

Grandma Helen bent down and grabbed one of the bags with her teeth and with her hands behind her back proceeded to take it to the kitchen.

&&& I sat there and watched her in amazement.

“Cmfnon innee!” Grandma Helen turned to see why I wasn’t coming with her.

&&& I finally came to my senses and went to the trunk and carefully pulled out one of the heavier bags. We both made it to the kitchen with our groceries and I quickly went back to the car and completed my chore in no time. I could tell Grandma Helen was really pleased that she had taught me something so helpful. I couldn’t wait to tell Arf that I got one of those good bones.


Later that evening…

After dinner, Brad went to his study to catch up on some paperwork. He wanted to clear tomorrow so he could enjoy his time with Jamie. He had been working about an hour when Annie came into the room.

“Annie…did you come to watch the squirrels from the window like Arf does?” Brad got up and walked around his desk. “What is that you have in your mouth, Annie?”

Annie dropped a framed picture upside down on the floor, sat down beside it and whined. When Brad didn’t react, she took her paw and gently pushed on one side of the frame. Brad could see she was trying to turn it over so he could see who was in the photograph. He leaned down and turned the picture face up.

“This is a picture of Barbie. It’s the one that sits on the buffet in the great room. Why did you bring this to me, Annie?”

&&& I was trying to get him to understand that Barbie needed him. I had this sense that he should go to her and I wanted him to know that, but all I could do was look at him, and whine.

“You’re worried about Barbie aren’t you Annie?” Brad got up and walked around his desk and picked up the phone. “I am too,” he said. “I’m going to call Jamie right now and ask her if she would mind if we changed out plans for tomorrow. I want her to come with me to see Barbie…and Gloria of course.”

Gloria watched Barbie through the French doors that led to the backyard. She noted that Barbie had seemed restless since they returned from the ranch. It was almost as if their life in the little bungalow wasn’t enough for her anymore. The thought panicked Gloria. She must watch the situation closely. It wouldn’t do to ignore any signs that could lead to trouble. She had given too much of her life to care for Barbie. She wasn’t about to let anything happen to change things now.


***  Arf is talking

&&&  Annie is talking

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