Murdo Girl…Home away from home

I’m going to break from the Arf story today and bring you up to date on the Cottage. I have actually been thinking about renaming it the Teacup Cottage since I appear to be collecting teapots and cups. Maybe the name should have something to do with my Beasterhop town since it’s on display. I always keep coming back to The Cottage.

I found this cute rabbit plaque at the church garage sale a couple of years ago.


I have been painting every morning that I can, for as long as I can, until it gets too hot, which is usually by noon.

(I’m Arf and I don’t do hot. I live by the White River and I swim in it.)


I’m Dollie and this is as close as I get to water.

Kip has been working on the boardwalk. He’s almost finished and I’m almost finished painting. After that, we’ll pick a day and work together to take the doors off, fix the casing and paint and put new hardware on. The doors will be a cream color and the trim will be the same brown as the cottage trim.

Before and a little bit (before) after…



Kip has also put A LOT of egg rock and river rock in places along the walk and next to the cottage. I’ll stick my painted rock flowers among them. I still only have one painted but that will be my next project.


I like to go to the cottage for a while almost every night to write, read or sometimes just to listen to music and look around at all of my stuff (collections).

I know it seems like we have been working on this project forever. It needed a lot of work and at least it’s kept us out of trouble during the shutdown.

The Cottage

A quiet place to think and write

All my collections are in plain sight.

My Beasterhops are on display

Where I can watch them work and play

Beneath my summer hats I see

The dolls who mean so much to me.

Each have a name and a story

I’ll soon add to that inventory


I love to open the cottage door

And see what wasn’t there before

What was just a useless space

We turned into my special place.