Murdo Girl…Independence Day

The Fourth of July

 I remember those days back when I was a kid

All the good times we had and all the fun things we did

We ate hot dogs and watermelon and Mom’s deviled eggs

And our fireworks didn’t cost us two arms and two legs

We had black snakes, and sparklers, and hundreds of firecrackers

Roman candles and cherry bombs and one or two boom whackers 

The Lion’s Club put on a huge fireworks display

At the baseball field every Independence Day

It was hard for us kids to wait until dark

We oohed and awed from the very first spark

We occasionally heard the phht sound of a dud

Some soared up with a boom! And came down with a thud.

All the neighborhood dogs hid under the bed

And wouldn’t come out no matter what we said

I stuck firecrackers in the ground and blew out the dirt

I burned my hand making tunnels and it sure did hurt.

It was all about fun and not about freedom

But when you’re a kid sometimes you can be dumb

Now I treasure our Flag and what it stands for

And I treasure my freedom even more



Wishing you a happy and safe Fourth of July

(BTW…There is no such thing as a boom whacker)