Murdo Girl…Fireworks, finishing, and full moons

I’m hoping Arf and Annie will take a break from playing in the river so we can continue with our story tomorrow.


It’s the fifth of July. I hope you all had a wonderful fourth and found a way to celebrate what was such a defining moment in the history of our country.

Kip and I worked all day on the cottage and we were pretty pooped last night. We were watching something on television when I started hearing these loud booming noises. It sounded to me like our neighbor was continually raising and lowering their garage door. Finally, I went outside to investigate and this is what I saw from our front porch.

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It seemed that everyone on the lake was putting on a magnificent display. Mother Nature even got in on it with a beautiful full moon. My camera doesn’t do moon shots justice.


I took this from inside this morning…


It was a great ending to a busy day…

We took the doors off of the cottage and Kip got started priming and painting them a beautiful almond satin color while I painted the inside of the casing.


We didn’t have time to finish the project, so we ended up covering the opening with plastic. I sure hope no critters got inside.

Earlier, Kip finished the wood walkway while I got a few flowers painted. I’ll plant them in the river rock as soon as I can get the hose and wash it to bring out all of the (river rock) colors. I still have 5 or 6 flowers of different sizes to paint.


I’ve posted pics of these before…

So other than some foo fooing, that LJ has promised to help me with, we’re nearing the finish of a very long project. I’d like to say it’s really been fun, but I can’t. I’m kidding of course. What a transformation!