Murdo Girl…Me and you

I have a bone to pick with you. I think we need to talk.

You don’t ‘go along to get along’. You’re not one of the flock.


It bothers me that you don’t care to follow every rule.

And sometimes under pressure, you seem a bit too cool.

I think you need to worry like a normal person does.

And feel the stresses others do because…well, just because.


You shouldn’t spend so much time enjoying your today.

Tomorrow could be different…a regular doomsday.

It isn’t necessary to always be courageous.

I think your lack of fear sometimes borders on outrageous.


You don’t give in to anger or yell when you’re upset.

You’re a bigger mystery than anyone I’ve ever met.

I really think you owe me some sort of explanation.

I’m getting tired of feeling all this constant agitation.



I think maybe you think too much about what bothers you.

Please don’t waste your time telling me what I should do.

I have all I’ll ever need to give me inspiration.

My lack of fear and anger doesn’t cause Him agitation.


He tells me to stay in today and not worry about tomorrow.

I have faith He’ll give me strength if life should bring me sorrow.

So don’t worry about me. I’m not perfect, but I’ll do.

I hope you understand me, now. Can we talk some about you?